Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lara Adrian, Midnight Untamed: A Midnight Breed Novella

Title:  Midnight Untamed: A Midnight Breed Novella
Author:  Lara Adrian
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Vampires, Breed, Breed Mate, War, Rogues   
Page Count:  120                  
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, LLC
Price:  $2.99
ISBN Print Book:  978-1942299592
Price: $7.99
Publisher:  Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


The mission was supposed to be simple. Infiltrate an enemy’s stronghold outside Rome and eliminate its leader. For a Breed warrior as lethal as Ettore Selvaggio, AKA “Savage”, stealth assassinations are only one of his many cold-hearted specialties. But the last thing Savage expects to find behind enemy lines—in his target’s bed—is a woman he once adored.

It’s been years since Savage last saw beautiful Arabella Genova. Years he’s strived to banish to his past, along with the fierce desire he once felt toward Bella . . . and the irresistible calling of her blood that stirs in him even now, despite the fact that she belongs to another male.

But when fate throws Savage and Bella together again in a race for their lives, will his long-lost love prove to be the one woman he can’t live without, or the perfect weapon to destroy him?


Midnight Untamed is a fabulous novella of the Midnight Breed series.  This book is a wonderful addition to the series.  It is an easy read as a standalone book and gives you a glimpse of the war going on in the main series, but doesn’t bog you down with too many details.

In this book we meet Arabella Genova and Ettore Selvaggio.  Readers will enjoy the background story around these two characters and the quick progression of their present and future romance.  I fell in love with these characters and hope that they will be entwined in the main series. 

There are secondary characters that help Arabella and Ettore along in their journey.  At the end the author left it open for these characters to have their own story.  I hope that happens soon!

Midnight Untamed starts out with a bang and keeps on going.  The plot moves at an easy pace with some heart stopping moments along the way.  This is a great story to jump into if you wanted to sample Lara Adrian’s writing and get a feel for the Midnight Breed series

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lara Adrian, Defy the Dawn: A Midnight Breed Novel (The Midnight Breed Series Book 14)

Title:  Defy the Dawn: A Midnight Breed Novel (The Midnight Breed Series Book 14)
Author:  Lara Adrian
Rating: Four Siren Stones
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Breed, Immortal, Atlantean Warrior 
Page Count:  243                
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, LLC
Price:  $5.99
Print Book: 978-1537341392
Price:  $12.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


Daywalker Brynne Kirkland survived a hellish upbringing as a product of a madman's lab. Tough, driven, and devoted to her work in law enforcement, Brynne has never dared to risk opening her heart to anyone--least of all a handsome immortal from a world on the verge of war against hers.

Atlantean warrior Zael left the intrigue of his realm several lifetimes ago, along with the battles he fought as one of the queen's legion. As a free-spirited loner walking the fringe of two worlds--that of his secretive and powerful people, and the outside world belonging to mankind and the Breed--it was never his intention to return to combat and bloodshed. Nor had he imagined that he might ever be tempted into anything stronger than desire . . . until he meets Brynne.

Thrust together as allies of the Order in the fight against a diabolical enemy, Zael and Brynne embark on a mission that will ultimately force them to decide between duty to their people, and a passion that defies all bounds.


Defy the Dawn is the story of Brynne Kirkland and Ekizael the Atlantean warrior and how they come together as a couple.  I did really enjoy the story, but I felt that there was a lot of pertinent information missing.  For example, Ekizael’s (Zael) last name.  I looked back through the book and I can’t find it anywhere. Perhaps the Atlanteans to do not have last names.  An explanation would have been helpful.  Brynne is a Daywalker but, the story does not go into detail as to how or why she became a Daywalker.  It briefly goes into her background and we can only assume that is what made her a Daywalker.  I can’t remember if these things were discussed in previous books or not.  I would have thought it important to put in the book about these characters.

There are other things that were left out of this story that would have been helpful background information for people picking up the series for the first time.  Considering this is the fourteenth book in the series you can well imagine that there is a wealth of background information that could not all be included.  I would suggest reading the series in order so as not to feel lost.  There are so many characters, matings, and children that it can seem overwhelming for the newcomer.  This is not a standalone story.

This book is certainly a building block in the series and not to be missed if you are a Midnight Breed Series fan.  The mating of these two characters is a significant plot point regarding the war.  We will more than likely see more of Brynne and Zael in future installments.  Considering that the Atlanteans now know Brynne’s secrets but, her family is still in the dark, I would hope that there is more still to come in their story.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Dakota Cassidy, The Old Witcheroo (Witchless In Seattle Mysteries Book 4)

Title:  The Old Witcheroo (Witchless In Seattle Mysteries Book 4)
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Paranormal Mystery
Sub-Genre: Cozy Mystery
Keywords:  Witch, Spy, Cotton Bat, Medium, Afterlife, Ghosts, Murder
Page Count:  249              
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, LLC
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


Ebenezer Falls, Washington…a sleepy burg or murder central?

The game is afoot...again, as amateur sleuth Stevie Cartwright plunges head first into another murder investigation. With twists, turns, and suspects aplenty, this one will keep you guessing from start to finish.

USA Today bestselling cozy mystery author Dakota Cassidy serves up mayhem and murder in The Old Witcheroo, Book 4 of her bestselling series, Witchless in Seattle Mysteries.

Just when you think you know your one-time International Man of Mystery turned ghostly confidant…

When last we met, dear friends, a man had come calling, claiming to be Crispin Alistair Winterbottom, my dead British ex-spy. A notion I'd find ludicrous, if the handsome imposter didn't, in fact, look exactly like my dead British ex-spy. But there's no time for that mystery when a quiet walk on our private stretch of beach turns up something far more pressing—another tragedy in my beloved small Washington town.

That's right. I, Stevie Cartwright, ex-witch turned amateur sleuth, have stumbled upon another murder. But this time it's closer to home, more personal, a victim who'd touched the hearts of so many in Ebenezer Falls, young and old. In fact, there's only thing more surprising than the victim…

The good man who's become the number one suspect.

Along with my Spy Guy Win, my bat familiar Belfry, our rescue dog Whiskey, and even an unexpected new friend or two, I'm jumping back into my Sherlock shoes to catch the cleverest killer yet!

This cozy mystery has a complete cast of oddball characters from witches to ghosts and bats to psychics. Witchless In Seattle Mysteries is a spin-off of Dakota Cassidy's bestselling paranormal romance series, A Paris, Texas Romance. 


Every time I visit Ebenezer Falls, Washington I fall a little more in love with these characters.  Stevie Cartwright and her sleuthing antics will have you flipping the pages as fast as you can.  If this is your first trip to Ebenezer Falls don’t worry, Dakota Cassidy gives a tidy little summary at the beginning to help bring you up to speed.  However, it is a much more enjoyable journey if you know all the back story.

The Old Witcheroo takes up where book three left off.  The imposter spy is still pestering Stevie and driving her small posse nuts. Fakebottom as we come to know him is actually a sub-plot line. 

We are treated to a full blown murder mystery with a very memorable character from the previous books and a newer one.  This murder and the characters involved is well thought out and very emotional.  Ebenezer Falls’ residents are emotionally invested in this murder which makes the characters seem all that more real.

Book four is not lacking in action or sarcasm.  Readers are also treated to a little romance along the way.  Win, Belfry, and Whiskey as usual play important roles in Stevie’s life and a playful new man is introduced to the crew.  This new addition brings up old questions regarding Stevie’s nemesis and what he’s really up to.

This is a full length book with a beautiful cover, but as with all the Witchless In Seattle Mysteries we are left with a small cliff-hanger to bring us back and keep the sub-plot going.  Dakota Cassidy doesn’t keep readers waiting for long so check out this series and you may be up to date by the next release!

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Evangeline Anderson, Protected: Alien Mate Index Book 2

Title:  Protected: Alien Mate Index Book 2
Author:  Evangeline Anderson
Rating: Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Science Fiction Romance
Sub-Genre: Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Aliens, Alien Mate Index, Murderer, Alien Half-Breed
Page Count: 466             
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, LLC
Price:  $3.99
ISBN Print Book: 978-1534942233
Price:  $16.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


Grav N’gol is many things. Murderer…ex-con…Alien half-breed… 
And a Protector. 
More than just a bodyguard, a Protector chooses a female to ward for life and swears an oath to die for her if necessary. 

Enter Leah Roth. The luscious little Earth female is supposed to be just a quick surveillance gig for Grav. He’ll check on her and report back that she’s okay—it should be easy. 

Only she’s not okay. 

When Grav sees Leah’s abusive husband hurting her, he swings into action. Before he knows it, he has Leah aboard his ship. When he’s given a dangerous and difficult mission, Leah volunteers to come alone and help…and somehow Grav can’t say no. 

But as much as he feels drawn to the lovely little human, Grav knows it can never be between them. For in his past lurks a bloody and savage secret that would turn even the most forgiving heart against him. 

From his past and from his true nature Leah must be...Protected at all costs. 


Protected: Alien Mate Index Book 2 is an amazing alien sci-fi romance adventure.  Book two picks up right after book one in the series.  Protected has its own plot and a sub-plot that carries over from Abducted.  You can read this book as a stand-alone, but you will enjoy it more if you read the first book. 

Two of the main characters in Protected were secondary characters in book one.  Grav and Leah dominate this main plot.  Grav is sent to watch over Leah and make sure that nothing happens to her.  While watching her on Earth, he can’t help but step in and get Leah to safety.  Grav never stopped to think his actions through.  He just knew that Leah had to be protected no matter what.  Who better to keep her safe than him?

Leah hasn’t felt safe in a long time so she can’t fathom why a giant, blue alien makes her feel safe.  Leah enjoys Grav’s company and the security that he provides.  Soon she’s wanting more than just security from Grav.  Leah wants to feel all over and she wants Grav to help her. 

Grav and Leah dance around each other.  Neither wanting to push the other into an uncomfortable situation.  Evangeline Anderson does such a fantastic job of growing their relationship that the reader can’t help but fall in love with these characters.  It’s a wonderful journey about building up trust while falling in love. 

Of course there are many trials and tribulations that Grav and Leah must face together.  I won’t give away spoilers, but you will see some returning characters that feed the main plot.  Then there is the sub-plot with the villain.  I absolutely loved the way Evangeline Anderson portrayed the returning villain.  While reading in bed, I laughed so hard I woke my husband up.

Protected is a paranormal romance with humor, action, and great imagination.  I highly recommend this series.

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