Monday, September 24, 2018

Dakota Cassidy, Hit and Nun (Nun of Your Business Mysteries Book 2)

Title:  Hit and Nun (Nun of Your Business Mysteries Book 2)
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Cozy Mystery, Paranormal Fiction
Keywords:  Demon, Owl, Nun, Possession, Tattoo Parlor, Murder
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services LLC
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


Sister Trixie Lavender here! After a rocky start (read: murdered landlord) to our arrival in Cobbler Cove, OR, things have finally slowed down. Er…mostly. My demon buddy Coop and I, along with our sassy talking owl Livingston, have settled nicely into our newly opened shop, Inkerbelle’s Tattoos.

We’ve met some awesome people, including new friends Higgs and Knuckles, and we’re forging friendships with our fellow business owners. And sure, we’ve had a few glitches (see Jeff), but we’ve found our groove, our clientele is growing, and everything’s pretty great.

That is, until Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride finds us smack dab in the middle of another murder mystery! Yep, you read that right. Naked people. On bikes. It ain’t pretty. And even less so when a dead, bare biker lands right on our doorstep.
But this ex-nun is prepared this time. There’s not going to be any fumbling-around-in-the-dark nonsense for this girl. No, sir. I’ve trained, sacrificed, studied…

Okay. Not true. I’ve binge-watched a lot of police shows on Netflix. But I’m armchair ready, if nothing else. So ready!
Now, if only the evil spirit possessing me would let me investigate in peace—and I don’t end up dead in the process.
Join me, Coop, Livingston, and Higgs for another Nun of Your Business Mystery!


If you like your mysteries and paranormal fiction without a lot of superfluous sex scenes, then look no further.  This is a fun mystery series involving an ex-nun that is possessed and her best friend Coop that is a demon from hell.  Each book has a plot line that plays out in full by the end of the book, and then there is the underlying plot that will keep readers coming back involving Trixie Lavender’s possession.

Hit and Nun brought out a different side of Trixie Lavender.  Ever the optimist and ready to forgive is the Trixie from book 1.  In book 2 we see the cynical and pessimistic Trixie come to the forefront.  Trixie wants to help her friend Knuckles, but there are so many obstacles set in front of her during her amateur investigation it leaves readers wondering if the truth will ever come out.

Of course, the obstacles come with danger attached.  I found myself wanting to yell at Trixie like you would yell at the characters in a horror film.  The plot twists will leave you frantic and wanting to read faster.  N0t to mention the overwhelming urge to go to confession there are so many lies to uncover in this story.    

Tune into this series now so you can journey with Trixie Lavender as she navigates her new secular status and all that it entails.   

I received an ARC for an honest review.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Dianna Love, Treoir Dragon Hoard, The Belador Series Book 10

Title:  Treoir Dragon Hoard, The Belador Series: Book 10  
Author:  Dianna Love
Rating:  Siren's Best Book Stone
Genre:  Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction
Keywords:  Dragon, Skinwalker, Magic, Preternatural Beings, The Belador Series
Page Count:  317                
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services
Price:  $4.99
ISBN Print:  978-1940651644
Price:  $14.99
Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press, LLC
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug  


New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love's Beladors are back with Evalle, Storm, the dragon king and allies, all ready to face a conflict no one saw coming. 

Two thousand years ago, someone stole the king's treasure from Daegan's father. An unexpected enemy uses this hoard to set Daegan on a path to his ultimate demise by dangling the one bait everyone knows the dragon king can't ignore--protecting one of his own.

While racing to help a friend, Evalle lands in a trap where she's given the unimaginable choice to either destroy her dragon king or condemn everyone she loves to die. Even her Skinwalker mate, Storm, has no way to track her this time.

Friendships and allies are tested as Atlanta erupts with preternatural exposure. Who will join Storm and Daegan to go where even a dragon has no chance of survival? With the enemy willing to gamble everything to take down Daegan, Evalle accepts her destiny, but on her terms. She never wants anyone to see what she's become, especially Storm.

Destiny is not a choice, but a summons. The hourglass favors no one.


The Belador Series keeps getting better and better.  Each book brings new layers of plots, sub-plots, and schemes to the forefront. Dianna Love knows how to weave a story into a series that can keep going with characters that are engaging both to the heart and mind.

Treoir Dragon Hoard is book 10 in The Belador Series.  We learn more about Daegan’s past and how it has shaped who he has become.  Lots of favorite characters are back on stage in this book as they come together and clash while trying to find their missing friend.  Will they be enough to overcome the evil they face?

Don’t miss reading this book.  There are plenty of surprises both good and bad that will keep you turning the pages late into the night.  I absolutely loved it!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Dakota Cassidy, Then There Were Nun (Nun of Your Business Mysteries Book 1)

Title: Then There Were Nun (Nun of Your Business Mysteries Book 1)
Author:  Dakota Cassidy 
Rating: Five Siren Stones 
Genre:  Mystery, Paranormal Mystery
Keywords:  Demon, Nun, Owl, Possessed
Page Count:  252               
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


My name is Sister Trixie Lavender, and I’m an occasionally possessed excommunicated nun.
Okay, that’s a lot to swallow at once. But it’s true I was booted from the convent after doing something unspeakable. Something I had no control over. Something that lives inside me to this day, exploding out like that chestburster in Alien when I least suspect it.
But I have help. My amazing friend Coop—the demon who saved me from an ugly end—remains by my side, loyal and true. She was Hell’s best tattoo artist back in the day, and together with my designs, we’re opening Inkerbelle’s Tattoos and Piercings, right in the heart of Portland’s most darling district, Cobbler Cove.
Of course, our bid to fit in would be a little less rocky if I could help Coop assimilate with humans, keep a lid on our sassy talking owl, Livingston…oh, and if someone hadn’t killed our landlord on day one—in our shop.
This mystery-loving, bumbling ex-nun and her trusty demon sidekick are on the case! If I don’t bumble my way right into my own demise first…

This new cozy mystery series from USA Today bestselling cozy mystery author Dakota Cassidy is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as Trixie and Coop hunt for a killer. Then There Were Nun is book 1 in the all new, Nun of Your Business series.


This mystery had a little of everything.  The plot moves at a nice steady pace and keeps the reader intrigued and guessing.  The characters are funny and unique.  Dakota Cassidy is on her way to making another close-knit family community in her fictional North West town.

If you missed the debut of Sister Trixie Lavender, Coop, and Livingston in the last Witchless in Seattle book, don’t worry Dakota Cassidy has them all starting over in a new town together.  There are so many new characters to enjoy in the Nun of Your Business Mysteries series. Murder, mayhem, and new beginnings are part of the journey to the formation of Inkerbelle’s Tattoos.

Dakota Cassidy’s brand of humor is stamped all over Then There Were Nun.  Fans will be delighted. This book is a full story.  The ending is not a cliff-hanger rather a lead-in to the next story that sounds interesting.

I received an ARC for an honest review.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Dakota Cassidy, Good Witch Hunting (Witchless in Seattle, Book 7)

Title:  Good Witch Hunting (Witchless in Seattle, Book 7)
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Keywords:  Witch, Demon, Ex-Nun, Spy, Ghost, Cotton Bat, Owl, Turkey   
Page Count:  219               
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


What happens when an ex-witch/medium, an ex-nun, a demon, and a dead British spy meet?


After a really busy summer, things have settled down for my crew here in Ebenezer Falls. That is until my favorite Spy-Guy, Win has a crazy recollection of the night he was murdered!

His memory leads us to the new tattoo artist in town who just happens to be an ex-nun named Trixie Lavender. Sister Trixie has a gifted tattoo artist for a sidekick who just happens to be a demon straight from the bowels of Hell…

A demon who, coincidentally, is accused of murder, that is!

You know what that means—Stevie and gang to the rescue!

Witchless in Seattle Mysteries series by Dakota Cassidy
1. Witch Slapped
2. Quit Your Witchin'
3. Dewitched
4. The Old Witcheroo
5. How the Witch Stole Christmas
6. Ain't Love a Witch?
7. Good Witch Hunting


Dakota Cassidy does not disappoint with the long-awaited book 7 in the Witchless in Seattle series.  She delivers a fast-paced mystery with her beloved Ebenezer Falls characters.  Dakota Cassidy racks up the sexual/love tension between Stevie and Win leaving readers on the edge of their seats wanting more.

In Good Witch Hunting, we are introduced to two new characters that will be playing a major role in their own series very soon, Trixie Lavender and Coop.  They are entangled in a murder mystery and Stevie is caught up in the middle again.  Offering to help these two unlikely friends may be more trouble than even Stevie can handle. 

Readers won’t want to miss the debut of Trixie Lavender and Coop.  The ex-nun and demon are extremely entertaining.  This world just expanded with these new characters and I hope to see some more cross-over in the future.

The Witchless in Seattle series is best read in order.  It’s a fantastic cozy mystery series that I’m hoping will get a little naughty as we find out what is to become of Stevie and Win!

I received an ARC for an honest review.