Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lara Adrian, Play My Game: A 100 Series Standalone Romance

 Title:  Play My Game: A 100 Series Standalone Romance
Author:  Lara Adrian
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Keywords:  Artist, Student, Gambler
Page Count:  241                
ISBN E-Book:  Self-Published
Price:  $4.99 
Publisher:  Self-Published 
ISBN Print:  979-8657477764
Price: $13.99
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian returns to the sizzling, emotional world of the 100 Series with Play My Game, a contemporary romance between a tormented, brilliant painter and the beauty he is determined to have at any cost.
She stands out like a flame in the dark. Out of place in my orbit, she is a bright splash of color in an abyss of darkness. An innocent in a den of sin. And I, Jared Rush, am a master of corruption.
Like my paintings—dark, carnal images that have crowned me the king of the avant-garde art world while also making me a very rich man—I don't flinch away from my baser instincts. And now, every one of those instincts is hungry for the fresh-faced beauty who made the mistake of wandering into my lair.
I don't know her name yet, but that's inconsequential. I know who she belongs to. And while she has nothing to do with the bad blood that's been festering inside me for decades, I can’t help thinking about that old, unsettled score. I'm thinking about payback. And I already have a price in mind. One that begins with her.
When it comes to getting what I want, I always play to win. But in the end, will the cost of my vengeance be more than I can bear to lose?

While this novel is Book 5 in the 100 Series, featuring characters introduced in earlier books, PLAY MY GAME can be read as a complete standalone with a swoon-worthy HEA and no cliffhangers.


Play My Game is a sexually charged and extremely intense read. Lara Adrian sets the stage and pulls readers in with a dark and sinister plot, but her characters, Jared and Melanie, take over with their vivid passion.

This story was extremely hard to put down and I didn’t want it to end. Play My Game would fall under the definition of a page turner.  Lara Adrian hit it out of the park with Play My Game. This 100 Series novel has it all: the plot, chemistry between the main characters, character development, past characters from previous stories making appearances throughout the story, and a HEA.

If you are a fan of the 100 Series, then make sure you don’t miss Play My Game!  

I received an ARC for an honest review.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Dakota Cassidy, The Accidental Troll (Accidentally Paranormal Series Book 19)

 Title:  The Accidental Troll (Accidentally Paranormal Series Book 19)  
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Trolls, Instagram, Werewolf, Demon, Vampire, Zombie, OOPs, Accidental Series
Page Count:  269              
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, LLC
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
ISBN Paperback: 979-8656491037
Price:  $11.99
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


Murphy Umanski, personal assistant and sister to Nova LaRue, the beautiful, popular Instagram influencer, has her hands full keeping her client in check. Nova has a big following, a big mouth, and because of it, she has even a bigger problem.

After posting an anonymous and inflammatory comment on a rival's Instagram page, someone turns her into a troll—and not the cute little troll doll so popularly used as a good luck charm in a rollicking game of bingo. No, in fact, Nova looks like something that lives in a hole carved out in a tree in a haunted forest.

When Murphy reaches out to the OOPS gang for help, she ends up having an accident of her own. Rushing to the sisters' aid is the newly-minted Troll King himself, Sten Peerson. Big, muscly, green-haired Sten The Troll King…

Dreamy sigh, right?

Well, sort of. Not making things any easier is his wild attraction to Murphy—which is leaving him unfocused in his new role as king. But as always, with every new turning comes the inevitable bad news.

Nova’s powers as a troll are a highly sought-after commodity in the troll world. And if Sten can’t figure out how to turn her back or find someone who can, she’s one dead rearview mirror decoration...


It’s amazing how Dakota Cassidy keeps making every Accidentally Paranormal Series book original and fun. Dakota’s imagination is a benefit to all her readers. Not to worry any of the long-time fans, all the gang is still in The Accidental Troll and the “Framily” as Nina calls them is still going strong.

Murphy Umanski and Sten Peerson are lovable characters and wonderful together. Readers will be rooting for their HEA as they journey along trying to help Murphy’s sister Nova reverse the troll curse.

The Accidental Troll has non-stop action from beginning to end with plenty of plot twits and jumps to keep everyone glued to the book. There is a bit of mystery wrapped up in this one that sorts itself out by the end. No cliff-hangers and as with all the Accidental Paranormal Series books readers can expect a HEA.  

This is a wonderful addition to the series and has some pivotal information for future books so don’t miss out!

Katie Woods did an incredible job on the cover art. This is how I pictured the character in the book the whole time!

I received an ARC for an honest review.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Dakota Cassidy, Witch Perfect (Witchless in Seattle Mysteries Book 11)

Title: Witch Perfect (Witchless in Seattle Mysteries Book 11)
Author: Dakota Cassidy
Rating: Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Keywords:  Witch, Spy, Ghost, Cotton Bat, Turkey, Dog, Detective
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, LLC
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Pages: 230
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug  


Now that Win is up and about, he’s been a very busy bee. He’s jumped in with both feet, getting involved in our community and living his best life now that he’s unencumbered by his spy past. He even joined the Ebenezer Falls garden club and made all the female member’s toes curl with his British charm.

On a flower scouting trip for the garden club’s annual spring planting in the town square, while Win is ogling lavender bushes and pansies, I fall head first into a pile of soil where a body’s buried.

Not just any body either. It’s the body of the husband of a close acquaintance of mine—a close acquaintance who just happens to own the nursery and the pile of dirt I fall into head first.

When he begs me to investigate, there’s no way I’m going to turn him down, but there are obstacles to overcome.

For instance, the love of my life. My International Man of Mystery, who keeps stepping on my investigative toes. It’s proving to be an adjustment solving a mystery with us working in the same space. Add in Dana, who’s gone ‘round the bend, my sudden and unexplained investigative (not to mention ridiculous) possessiveness and everything’s all topsy-turvy.

But there’s a vicious killer on the loose and as we unravel whodunnit, I’m hoping our relationship doesn’t unravel, too…


Wow, that was one messed up murder mystery! Crazy bigoted parents, gay son, daughter that inherits the family business, add in a little witch detective and you have one interesting story that’s a page turner.

Witch Perfect starts where Witch It Real Good left off. Loved seeing the human emotions come out in Win and Stevie during the murder investigation and their everyday life. They are both dealing with different issues and trying to mesh their lives together as a couple while also trying to fit into the community. Their difficulties made them seem more real, and I enjoyed their communication efforts.

Great story and the ending left room for a new beginning. Look forward to seeing where the series will go from here.

I received an ARC for an honest review.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Dianna Love, Wild Wolf Mate: League of Gallize Shifters Book 5

Title: Wild Wolf Mate: League of Gallize Shifters Book 5 
Author: Dianna Love 
Rating: Five Siren Stones 
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Gallize Shifters, Wolf, Eagle
Page Count: 278                
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services LLC 
Price:  $3.99
Print ISBN: 978-1940651163
Price:  $13.99 
Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press LLC 
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


In this friends to lovers paranormal romance, Mad Red isn't just a nickname for Adrian's wolf, it's the truth. His teammates want to save him, but his wolf is deranged and Adrian lives a tortured existence for his part in losing his wolf when a rescue mission overseas went horribly wrong. Now, he just needs to stay alive long enough to answer the call for help from the family of a fallen soldier Adrian loved like a brother. But to bring the wolf shifter who killed the soldier's sibling to justice, Adrian will have to hunt down Jazlyn, a female wolf shifter who just saved his life, and put her in prison. Welcome to his hell on earth.

Even while on the run for her life, Jazlyn can't turn her back on anyone in pain if she can heal them, but her last decision proves no good deed goes unpunished. She's racing to find the one person who can prove her innocence then she can leave the southeast for good and return to her Kodiak bear shifter family without putting them at risk. They love her, but she's the only wolf shifter they'll accept, because they raised her. It's not like she has time to worry about mating ... not until her sexy mistake shows up and their energies hum with a powerful mating call. Giving into that desire could destroy everything, or it just might save them both.


I was shocked and awed by the story telling, plot, and emotional roller coaster that is Wild Wolf Mate. Fans of the League of Gallize Shifters will not want to miss Adrian’s story.

Adrian has so much to overcome in order to reconnect with Red, his wolf. He’s consigned himself to death until Jazlyn comes along and reignites his passion for living.

Together they need to face an enemy that holds answers that will rock both their worlds. Will their trials bring them closer together or shatter the thin bond of trust between them?

Their journey is worth reading, as Dianna Love has the story line moving in a direction that you will not want to miss!

I received and ARC for an honest review. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

Dakota Cassidy, What A Nunderful World (Nun of Your Business Mysteries Book 5)

Title: What A Nunderful World (Nun of Your Business Mysteries Book 5)
Author:  Dakota Cassidy 
Rating:  Five Siren Stones 
Genre:  Mystery, Paranormal Mystery, Cozy Mystery
Keywords:  Demon, Ex-Nun, Owl, Possessed, Talking Dog
Page Count:  195              
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Printed Book:  $10.99
ISBN Print:  979-8618790055
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


Hello! It's me again, Trixie Lavender and my best demon friend the stoic but adorable Coop.

Things have been going pretty great for us these days. Inkerbelle's Tattoos is doing well financially. Our clientele is growing by the day, and we're about to purchase the guest house we’ve been living in from our dear friend Knuckles.

Finally, we'll have the roots we've so desperately yearned for. Now, if only we could figure out how to get rid of the troublesome demon inside me...

We’ve also been focusing on Coop and her efforts to live her best life. As a newb to Earth, she’s on a quest to experience as much as she possibly can and that includes her latest passion, makeup.

While attending an event for Coop’s favorite beauty guru and online superstar Glitzy Mitzy, we watch in horror as she dies right before our very eyes.

Naturally, we suspect foul play, but with no clues, and the police not calling Mitzy's death a murder, we have little to go on. But does that stop me? Nah. So you know what that means—it’s time to break out our best spyware and solve this murder!


What A Nunderful World is book 5 in the Nun of Your Business Mysteries. I highly suggest reading them in order because each book leads into the next with an overall mystery running through them. However, in my opinion, if you are not able to read the first four books then this is a good book to jump into the series on, as it has back story from several of the other books and it is a complete mystery in and of itself. If you want complete character back stories, then you will need to read the other four books.  

The entire “family/gang” is present in this story and we see how they all work together to help solve this latest mystery. In the previous book, Trixie’s secret demon possession is revealed to one of the main characters and this tends to add another layer of humor and help for both Trixie and Coop.

The book was a fun mystery to read with a plot twist that kept me guessing. I found it interesting that there were no new characters added to the “family”. What A Nunderful World is a good addition to the series leading us to the next level of the overall mystery. I expect that we will be visiting Trixie’s past very soon to find out what her future will hold.

I received an ARC for an honest review.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Dakota Cassidy, You Dropped a Blonde On Me

Title:  You Dropped a Blonde On Me
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Rating:  Siren's Best Book Stone
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Keywords:  Millionaire, Trophy Wife, Senior Citizens
Page Count:  370        
ISBN E-Book: Services LLC     
Price:  $2.99
Publisher:  Self-Published 
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


***Dear readers,

PLEASE NOTE, this book and the subsequent series were previously published in 2010 by Berkley Publishing. The series has new covers with some some minimal changes and revisions to the manuscript. Essentially, there have been no significant changes to the story. Please take care before mistakenly purchasing twice.***

From pampered to pauper...

Maxine Cambridge, former high school beauty queen turned trophy wife, has officially been traded in for a newer, younger model. From a mini-mansion to her mother's eight hundred square foot retirement village, Maxine and her teenage son Connor are left with nothing and life is looking pretty bleak for this one-time rich girl.

Maxine hasn't worked in twenty years at being anything more than her very rich, very-soon-to-be-ex-husband's eye candy and a stay-at-home-mom. She doesn't know the first thing about making a livable income, but she's going to find out as she scoops poop and hosts bingo night at her mother's village to earn some cash.

In the midst of fighting her mad insecurities, getting her footing while wearing her mother's hand me downs, and desperately looking for a way to support herself and her son, in walks Campbell Barker--former high school classmate--a one-time geek turned total smoke show.

Campbell gives her glimpses of who she used to be before she became someone's dress up doll. Before she was a neurotic, conclusion hopping mess. Before she lived in a world that revolved around someone else's opinion of her and he refuses to believe she's no longer the vivacious, smart girl he once had a major crush on.

But the harder she fights the notion that the old Max is gone, the more she finds herself again and now she's ready to take back what was once hers and fight for her new life!


Raw, heart-felt, and emotional are the three words that resonate with me after reading You Dropped a Blonde On Me.  The plot and characters are so well developed that you feel like you are living the story with them.  Strap in for an emotional roller coaster as you live Maxine’s divorce with her.

Maxine and her son Connor have wonderful support and help along the way.  Her journey is fraught with baggage landmines everywhere from living a life for someone else.  Maxine comes into her own on her own time frame with plenty of ups and downs along the way.  Dakota Cassidy’s humor is prevalent throughout and she provides a HEA.

You Dropped a Blonde On Me is a wonderful Contemporary Romance with plenty of topics that will hit close to home for many, but the humor will keep you reading throughout the night.

*NOTE: Previously published in 2010.

Received an ARC for an honest review.