Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Megan Ziese, Role Play

Title: Role Play

Author: Megan Ziese

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Erotica

Sub-Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short Story

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Reviewer: Stacey Krug


What started as an innocent sex game turned into a wild night of swinging.

It was a special anniversary and Claire had made sure it was going to be memorable. Only, something went terribly wrong. They weren't supposed to get arrested! The only solution to the situation? Sleep their way out of it. Cops accepted sex bribes, didn't they? At least when they were off the camera, they probably did, and the cabin Claire was being driven to by officer Riley was well beyond site of cameras and civilization. What would happen in that cabin would change four lives forever.

Carnal, voyeurism, exhibitionism, foreplay, sloppy seconds and thirds, mild bdsm, spanking, swinging, multiple partners, menage-m/f/m. Absolutely no male on male action.


Role Play is a great erotic story. It starts out extremely hot and heavy, not letting up the whole time. Even though it is a short story, there are a couple twists to it. There is also a thread of BDSM that plays well into the plot.

The author, Megan Ziese, makes the reader want to take the journey with the characters. Claire, Dylan, Riley, and Audrey are all likable and just a little bit cheeky at times.

Steamy sex scenes make this a page turner and a fun read. If you are looking for a short, steamy read then this is it!

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