Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gail MacMillan, Holding Off for a Hero

Title:  Holding Off for a Hero
Author:  Gail MacMillan
Rating:  Four Siren Stones
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Keywords:  Champagne Rose, Spicy    
Page Count:  256          
ISBN E-Book:  978-1-61217-440-2
Price:  $4.99
ISBN For Print:  978-1-61217-439-6
Price:  $12.99 
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press 
Reviewer:  Marcie Oropeza


Beautiful, vivacious Emma Prescott has a love-'em-and-leave-'em reputation.  Fact is, Emma's holding off for a hero.  When she moves to a cabin at wilderness Loon Lake and meets her one neighbour, biology professor Frasier MacKenzie, he's still just another guy, even with his killer blue eyes and a body that just won't quit...until he rescues her and her Pug from one danger after another, from drowning to wild animals to a pair of armed and angry drug dealers.  Then he definitely falls into hero territory.  

But the professor has no intention of filling the role of white knight in Emma's life.  All he wants is to be rid of her and her annoying little dog so he can get on with his "research."  In fact, he's ordered to get rid of them whether he wants to or not. 

Looks as if Emma may have to go on holding off for a hero...


This was a surprisingly enjoyable read!  I found it a bit frustrating at times: Emma’s behaviors were quite often as difficult to take for the reader as they were for Frasier.  

The author did a great job of building background and character as well as suspense and mystery.  The humor in Emma’s personality as she related to Frasier had me smiling to myself quite often. I thought it sometimes took a bit too long to get to some of the important plot points but, other than that, I recommend this as a good read.

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Joelle Rider said...

Dropped by and followed your blog by GFC and bloglovin. Looks to be a very cute read !