Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cynthia Gael, The Balefire Chronicles: Balefire and Lodestone

Title: The Balefire Chronicles: Balefire and Lodestone

Author: Cynthia Gael

Rating: Siren's Best Book Stone

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Keywords: Witches, Witchfinder General, Gods, Goddesses

Word Count: 70,300

ISBN E-Book: 978-1452488929

Price: $4.99

Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing


Reviewer: Natasha Larry

Tagline: A fire contained, consumes....


No one knows better than Tommy Hopkins why Anya Blanchett had to leave the town she grew up in; her family was murdered, her house burned, and she’s the next target. Tommy knows—because Anya’s on the run from his own family-owned company, WFG Ltd, whose incredible wealth is based on one single thing: the vast power they drain from witches. And Anya is a witch. Anya’s love for Tommy is too strong for her to withstand; she cannot stay away from him. When she returns to the little town of Manning, Tommy becomes more determined than ever to ensure her safety, no matter the cost. But Tommy isn’t the only member of the Hopkins family aware of Anya’s return. His cousin, Kinsey Hopkins, has been searching for Anya since her escape. Kinsey has dark and evil plans, for Anya, for Tommy, and for the very future of WFG. Tommy will do anything to protect Anya from Kinsey and WFG. But can he? Or will the three-hundred-year-old curse cast upon his bloodline finally destroy him and the girl he loves more than life itself?


Balefire and Lodestone is the sequel to Gael’s Balefire and Moonstone. When I began reading I crossed my fingers in hopes that the second book in this series would be as good as the first and unfortunately…

It was just so much better.

The book picks up with Anya Blanchett, the powerful young fire witch returning to her hometown after a necessary exile. When she returns home Anya has one very important thing on her mind, Tommy Hopkins, the love of her life and also the very last person she should be running to upon her return home.

But you can’t exactly stay away from someone you’ve bound to yourself with the consuming magic of fire. Soon, Anya and Tommy are reunited, which is when the danger begins. Now, Tommy has to try and protect the girl he loves from his cousin Kinsey, who seems to have less than honourable intentions for her.

I have to say that I just adore Anya. In the first book she was likeable in an awkward sort of way, but you see her grow in this novel into a feisty, fiery witch that is an addictive heroin.

Balefire and Lodestone is one of those rare novels that you hate to see end, lucky for the reviewer and the fans alike…The Balefire Chronicles are not over.

This is a must read for any fans of paranormal romance.

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