Friday, April 15, 2022

Evangeline Anderson, Dragon in the Dark: A Kindred Tales Novel 43

Title: Dragon in the Dark: A Kindred Tales Novel 43

Author: Evangeline Anderson

Rating: Five Siren Stones

 Genre: Paranormal Romance

Sub-Genre: Erotic Science Fiction

Keywords: Alien Warriors, Kindred, Goddess, Humanoid, Monstrum

Page Count: 452                

Print Book: 979-8449006431

Price: $16.99

Page Count: 456

ISBN E-Book: Amazon Digital 

Price: $3.99

Publisher: Self-Published


Reviewer: Stacey Krug  


 A Drake warrior brooding in the Dark

A woman whose unique powers are just coming to Light

Can they survive the dangers of a hostile planet together?
Find out in…
Dragon in the Dark

*This is a Plus length novel--115,000 words long*
Dr. Iyanna Washington has landed her dream job—as a botanist aboard the Monstrum Mother Ship she will be able to study as many fascinating alien plants as she could ever dream of. But she’s been warned to stay on the Light Side of the ship during her studies. The Dark Side hides Monstrum so big and powerful they would frighten any humans who happened to see them.

Dra’vik happens to be one of those that humans must not see. As a Drake Monstrum, he is nine feet tall with horns and scales—naturally he thinks humans would fear him. But when Iyanna gets lost on the Dark Side of the ship, he finds himself drawn to the curvy little Elite with the creamy brown skin. She’s both beautiful and brave and she doesn’t fear his immense size or “devilish” appearance.

When the two of them are sent on a secret mission where they must pretend to be Master and pleasure slave, they find themselves drawn even closer together. But danger is in the air. Iyanna has proven to have special abilities and unique talents that are priceless to someone who would be happy to steal her away from the big Drake. And even if Dra’vik manages to save her, there are other obstacles standing in the way of their happiness—specifically the fact that bonding with a Monstrum Drake causes instant pregnancy.

Can Dra’vik save Iyanna from the danger that threatens her life?
And will Iyanna be willing to bond with the big Drake, despite the unique consequences?
You’ll have to read Dragon in the Dark to find out.

Author's Note: the heroine gets into some pretty scary situations in this book which may make you uncomfortable if you are a survivor of assault. Anyone who has read my books knows that it all works out in the end, but I wanted to warn you just in case. Please read responsibly!


Another fun sojourn into the Kindred world of the Monstrum. Dragon in the Dark has two great main characters, Dr. Ivanna Washington a human and Dra’vik a drake warrior.

Readers are treated to another couple’s space mission, this time to save the Monstrum Mother Ship. As their mission together progresses, we learn more about Ivanna’s special talent and Dra’vik’s protective instincts. They find themselves on a horrid planet where Ivanna is in constant danger and only has Dra’vik to rely on to keep her safe.

The creative sci-fi elements of the story are amazing. Loved learning more about the Monstrum Mother Ship and the incorporation of the Kindred modifications.

I think these two characters could have a very interesting follow-up novel. I enjoyed their journey and chemistry. Hope to see them again!

I received this ARC for an honest review.