Rating System

Siren’s Best Book Stone

This book was more than you ever expected! It was pure excellence, something you will read again and again. It was a special book; everything about it, and one that sucked you in from page one, and refused to let you go.

Five Siren Stones
You loved this book! It was something that kept you glued to its pages, unable to put it down until it was done! The editing and layout were clean, and you loved the cover.

Four Siren Stones
It was a great book, and you would recommend it to friends. The cover was eye-catching, the editing clean and the prose engaging. You may or may not read it again, but enjoyed the plot and characters.

Three Siren Stones
A good book, but one you most likely won’t read again. The editing, layout and cover were fine, but it didn’t spark the imagination as you’d hoped.

Two Siren Stones
You wouldn't recommend this, and you won't read it again.

One Siren Stone
You couldn't finish it.