Thursday, May 16, 2019

S.A. Bayne, The Demon You Trust (Magical Elite #1)

Title:  The Demon You Trust (Magical Elite #1)
Author:  S.A. Bayne
Rating:  Five Siren Stones  
Genre:  Paranormal Romance 
Keywords:  Half-Demon, Hell, Magical Elite, Magical Police, Magic
Page Count:  129                
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services LLC
Price:  $3.97 
ISBN Print:  978-1940968766 
Price:  $7.97
Publisher:  Authenticity Playground, LLC 
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


If Ellie Locke dies, so does her sister, so when Ellie is murdered by a water god, it's a no-brainer to cheat death by accepting a deal from a stranger with the power to freeze time…until she discovers he has just set her up as a target for sociopathic serial killer with excellent magical skills.
Her only chance to survive her new job as an agent in a magical crime-fighting organization is her partner, a deliciously sexy half-demon who needs to stay alive as badly as she does. Neither of them has the magical ability to defeat a sociopath who has already killed seventy-six of their predecessors, but who needs skills when you have incentive?

Smoke, shadows, a hostile demon dad from the beyond, and highly paid assassins sent by her loving parents make things a little complicated for Ellie and her new partner, but what's a pair of breasts and an intimate moment for, if not to save themselves and the world?
And this is just the start. 

NOTE: Do you see the gold medallion on the cover? That means this book contains Super Secret Bonus Scenes, which are extremely cool and contain secrets you won't find anywhere else. 


I was completely engaged from the first page to the last page and didn’t want to put the story down.  The characters are endearing, and their chemistry is palpable.  The Demon You Trust is a fantastic start to a new series.  S.A. Bayne gave us a complete story to begin with, but so many unanswered questions that we will want to come back for more.  There is so much more to learn about Ellie and Jack.  I look forward to the next adventures of the Magical Elite team!

If you like hard-hitting action with humor, magic, some gore, and every super-hero’s weakness: a loved one, then this is a story to check out.  Don’t forget to read the bonus scenes!

I received an ARC for an honest review.