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Kitty DuCane, Mac's Mate

Title: Mac’s Mate

Author: Kitty DuCane

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Keywords: BBW, Shape-Shifter, Graphic Language

Length: Novella

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-60737-990-4

Price: $4.99

Publisher: Loose Id

Buy-Link: http://www.loose-id.com/Macs-Mate.aspx

Reviewer: Cia


DEA Special Agent Mac McNamara knew this mission was doomed when his crippled helicopter crash landed in the suspect’s front yard. The mission was simple. Gather intel on suspect Callie Johnson and make an arrest. A tip said that a large shipment of drugs was coming from Mexico to Texas via her 500 acres, but Ms. Johnson wasn’t your typical drug smuggler. She’s Mac’s mate.

Callie Johnson has two transactions to complete in the upcoming days or people will die. Mac and his mercenaries have invaded her property and they’re putting a kink in her well run operation. Mac tells her she’s sexy, but that can’t be because she’s a full figured girl with a cane. Does he want her land like everyone else and will he seduce her to get it? She doesn’t trust Mac, but she can’t resist him when he lures her into nights filled with erotic pleasure.

When Callie disappears, Mac wonders if she fled or if something bad has happened to her. Either way, Mac’s torn between doing his job and claiming Callie. He’s just got to find her first.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.


Wowza! Mac’s Mate by Kitty DuCane is one hot read…and perfect for relaxing on the porch with the breeze to give a constant cool down. I simply adored Callie and her no nonsense ways. I love grit with heroines and she had the entire package even though not Barbie sized. Let me tell you how much I love reading about the women who are bigger and not just in size but in everything they do.

I hated what her ex did to her, the emotional abuse she’d endured to make her feel less than perfect. Thankfully she wasn’t too shy and allowed the sexiest man for her to give her what she needed…what they both needed.

Mac he tickled me. His authoritative mannerisms and how he commanded everyone didn’t make for an easy like. He came off hard as steel and unyielding…and then another side of him emerged. Maybe because she didn’t cower for him or because his wolf demanded he open his eyes. Either way it was a great ride watching them unfold between the secrecy and violence erupting around them.

When he let his beast out to exact revenge I was hooked line and sinker…hoping he’d realize what he had and found it foolish to slip from his grasp. I loved the team and T-bone and can’t wait for more of these memorable characters to come to life.

Gabriel Daemon, A Glimpse Beyond the Veil

Title: A Glimpse Beyond the Veil

Author: Gabriel Daemon

Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Mystery, Erotica

Sub-Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Keywords: Dark Magic, Undead, Prostitution

Length: Novelette

ISBN E-Book: 978-1609824426

Price: $3.99

Publisher: Excessica

Buy-Link: http://excessica.com/store/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=508&osCsid=cb15c627e20638b4dd3f712315ab6d37

Reviewer: Rhonda Callum-King


We've all known those people who seemed a little strange, a little weird. Your third-grade teacher. The old man down the street. People you were sure just couldn't have been human.

You were right.

A Glimpse Beyond The Veil shows you the world hidden from us, the world of demons and goblins, wizards and monsters who live under our very noses. Watch through anthropologist Kyle Perrin's eyes as this world explodes with violent, horrific, and sometimes erotic drama.

A believer in the potentials of the unknown, Dr. Kyle Perrin – fringe anthropologist, traveler, and theorist – never expected to be given the opportunity to explore that unknown directly. But when a detective asks for his advice regarding a mysterious pair of coins found in the eyes of a weeks-dead corpse, he becomes hurled into a waking nightmare, guided by a stoic former Army ranger and an enigmatic benefactor. What begins as a grisly investigation becomes personal once Gina, Dr. Perrin's street-walking lover, gets entangled in the mire, hurtling them all toward a nail biting showdown.

A Glimpse Beyond The Veil is merely the first of a series of supernatural, erotic thrillers soon to be offered by Gabriel Daemon.

Warnings: This title includes the use of dark magic, dealing with the undead, and prostitution.


A Glimpse Beyond the Veil is an interesting adult version of a Spiderwick styled tale. While the summary does mention many other-worldly creatures, this tale actually only deals with zombies and the individual animating them. Gabriel Daemon's story seems as though it may be the first instalment in a future series of tales about Dr. Kyle Perrin's adventures with the group known as the Veil Society.

A Glimpse Beyond the Veil would then become Kyle's first indoctrination into the Veil Society and the beings from the other side of the veil. I do not know if that is the case, but I did get that feel while reading this story.

On its own, this is an interesting tale. Due to Dr. Perrin's loss of an arm 10 years before, he only feels comfortable at this stage in his life visiting hookers. By the end of the story, he seems to have found his confidence and moved on. The tale ends with his evolution from a somewhat sad professor into a man who may become a team leader for the Veil Society.

I did feel that a deeper explanation was required for the opening chapter when Kyle loses his arm. There is mention at that time that he is a follower of his current professor's indoctrination. Also that society feels his current professor is a crackpot. Then there is the accident in the amazing domed chamber during which his professor seems to die. No clear explanation is made about what it is that Kyle and the professor were trying to prove and no further mention is made about the wondrous domed cave or possibly the creature that may or may not have been in it.

Aside from that, the story was well written and enjoyable. The opening to what may become a series of tales about a team that protects unknowing humans from the dangers of the supernatural. I would say this is a “get to know the man” before he actually becomes The Man story. A Glimpse Beyond the Veil was an easy read and I would recommend it to fans of the supernatural. Enjoy.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Paul Kane, The Adventures of Dalton Quayle

Title: The Adventures of Dalton Quayle

Author: Paul Kane

Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Mystery

Sub-Genre: Horror

Keywords: Mummies, Magic, Time Travel, Villains, Monsters

Page Count: 222

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-59426-404-7

Price: $4.99

ISBN for Print: 978-1-59426-447-4

Price: $12.95

Publisher: Mundania Press, LLC

Buy-Link: http://www.mundania.com/book.php?title=The+Adventures+of+Dalton+Quayle

Reviewer: Rhonda J Callum-King


Re-join famous detectives, adventurers and general rum-goings-on putter-stopperers Dalton Quayle and his sidekick Dr. Humphrey Pemberton as they embark on some of their best, and most loved, investigations from the past decade.

Thrill as they face giant carnivorous worms and fiercely vicious monster sheep; marvel as they visit far-off lands such as the Island of Haintithot and the sandy dunes of Egypt, coming across magical stones which can summon demons and a Mummy out to take over the world; gasp in disbelief as our heroes set sail to find the legendary lost city of Matalantis -- by way of the fishy village of Outsmouth -- and get saddle-sore in the Wild West as they attempt to put a stop to a devilish time traveling scheme; then, witness the dead coming back to life as the pair tackle their most dangerous foes yet -- ones which simply cannot be killed!

Villains, monsters, twisted conundrums, they’re all in here: In the very finest Adventures of Dalton Quayle (as previously noted down on the memoirs of Dr. Pemberton and subsequently published in Strump magazine).

From the fevered imagination of award-winning author Paul Kane (FunnyBones, Arrowhead, The Lazarus Condition, The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy) comes a collection of stories that will make you laugh, cry (with laughter), then laugh some more. Humorous horrors to brighten the day of even the most discerning genre connoisseur.


The Adventures of Dalton Quayle by Paul Kane was a well written and amusing collection of adventures. The adventures seem to take place in an alternative England of possibly the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. There are carriages and housekeepers, private doctors and the beginnings of flight. There is where similarities part ways. In Kane’s England mummies and zombies walk, there are giant partially sentient worms, Atlantis is bent on world domination and there is the distinct chance of a mauling by were-sheep if you happen to be wandering the dales under the light of the full moon.

Dalton Quayle and his sidekick Dr. Humphrey Pemberton have a Sherlock Holmes type relationship. Mr. Quayle solves the mysteries while Dr. Pemberton tags along, misunderstands everything and finally writes it all up into memoires (once it all has been sufficiently explained to him). The stories are full of puns and movie references which are quite amusing and would appeal to avid readers of Pratchett or Anthony. I also think that being short tales, this would be a suitable read for a tween. There are some off color puns within the stories but nothing more than one might find in a Shrek cartoon. Of the tales, my own favourite was Dalton Quayle and the Curse of King Tuti Fruiti. It was the longest tale, I think, and contained many references to the Mummy movies.

The book has an appealing layout. The cover is very attractive and gives that old leather diary feel. On the whole, it is a fun collection of tales to peruse. Personally, I enjoyed how many correlations I could make between references within the adventures to various movies, books and actual history that may have inspired each tale. The banter between the characters also had a silly light-hearted feel which Paul Kane ended just as it got to be a bit too much each time. On the whole, for a short, amusing bit of fun, I would definitely recommend The Adventures of Dalton Quayle.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lily Harlem, Shared Too

Title: Shared Too

Author: Lily Harlem

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Keywords: Ménage, F/F, M/F/M, F/M/F/M, Bondage

Length: Novel

ISBN E-Book: 978-1419933035

Price: $5.95

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Buy-Link: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9259-shared-too.aspx

Reviewer: Stacey Krug


A sequel to Shared.

Ten years on I’m still convinced I’m the luckiest woman on earth. Two devastatingly gorgeous husbands committed to my satisfaction—phew!—life doesn’t get much better or much sexier.

But as though the mere concept of a perfect existence was created to be shattered, one day Quinn turned to me and said, “Shared too. I want to be shared too.” Add in the monster that haunted my nightmares and I was struggling to keep a grip on my sanity.

I soon realized the path Quinn wanted us to travel would stretch not only his experience of giving and taking, but also mine and Liam’s. In a whirlwind of desperate emotions, dark desires and erotic fantasy, we were all so distant but also so sublimely close. Sharing had never been as sweet as it was bitter, or as depraved as it was heavenly.

Reader Advisory: Features the sharing of multiple bodies (F/F, M/F/M, F/M/F/M), bondage and other naughty sexual adventures!


As a sequel to Shared it was interesting to see a more day to day life for the threesome in Shared Too. We get a better understanding of the three main characters Quinn, Liam, and Ariane and how they make their relationship still work.

I was very apprehensive when Eve was first introduced and felt outraged on Ariane’s behalf. As a reader, I didn’t want anything to mess up the relationship between Quinn, Ariane, and Liam. I had to keep reading. I had to know how Lily Harlem was going to make it all okay.

There ultimately is major disruption to the threesome. Along with a plot twist that will have you on edge. I’m not going to give away more than that or it will ruin the story. The story revolves around the disruption and how the characters deal with it together and on their own.

I will say that this is one hot, erotic story that will leave you breathless. The love scenes are sensual because Lily Harlem has previously set up a connection to the characters giving them depth and making the reader care about them. The sex scenes are just off the chart hot and exciting.

Even though I was a little apprehensive about the direction of the story, I really liked the journey that it took me on. As the story unfolds, the adage of “if you love something set it free” becomes a mantra. I really liked the way this story was wrapped up and the adage “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” rang true here.

Karen Bostrom, Dangerous Sands

Title: Dangerous Sands

Author: Karen Bostrom

Rating: Three And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Keywords: Last Rose Of Summer Rose, Sensual, Later Life

Page Count: 340

ISBN E-Book: 1-60154-864-8

Price: $7.00

ISBN for Print: 978-1601548641

Price: $14.99

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy-Link: http://thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=175_140&products_id=4390

Reviewer: Nikki


Massage therapist Rita Madison is divorced and retreating to the sanctuary of her upscale Jersey Shoe hometown. At 39, she’s tired, broke, and has little trust in men. Her plan is to build her own business, spend time with her beloved aunt and walk on the beach – far from men, lies, and deception. But the idyllic locale she remembers from her childhood no longer exists. Her aging aunt is facing a bleak financial situation, and a series of incidents are plaguing her new business, threatening to derail her new life and livelihood.

To complicate matters further, two attractive men enter Rita’s life: a down-to-earth yet secretive carpenter who claims he is looking out for her aunt and a wealthy, smooth-talking businessman who offers her a trouble-free life every chance he gets. While Rita untangles the finances of her aunt, she must decide if she can learn to trust and love again. But is she putting her trust, and her heart, in the care of the right man?


Dangerous Sands is a contemporary romance that focuses on choices. The heroine at a time in her life where decisions must be made. But I honestly had a hard time relating to and liking Rita. She's cynical, closed off, and doesn't trust men, and sometimes she comes off as crass. Further into the story, the reader catches a glimpse of more emotion from her.

The story itself had plenty of things to keep me going. Pacing was great, and I absolutely adored Rita's Aunt.

I wondered throughout who Rita would end up with, the author kept the suspense up in that category fairly well. I enjoyed the story. If you like contemporary romances with an older heroine, then Dangerous Sands just be may what you are looking for.

Sandra Crowley, Caught By A Clown

Title: Caught By A Clown

Author: Sandra Crowley

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Keywords: Spicy, Crimson Rose, Freelance Journalist, FBI Agent

Page Count: 312

ISBN E-Book: 1-60154-872-9

Price: $6.75

ISBN for Print: 978-1601548726

Price: $14.99

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy-Link: http://thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=137&products_id=4378

Reviewer: Nikki


Men In Uniform Series

A spontaneous freelance journalist on a mission of mercy finds herself entangled with a methodical undercover FBI agent out to settle a score.

Stacie Monroe’s spontaneity lands her in hot water again when her best friend’s little brother disappears and Stacie trails him to a nudist resort. To get inside the exclusive oasis and convince him to return home, she must blend in, a move tailor made to shock her oh-so-proper family and renew efforts to bring her in line.

That’s exactly what Special Agent David Graham intends to do when she interferes in his case. Yet, the soft-hearted temptress challenges his resolve, revealing the path to a love he thought impossible. Will that love survive when he betrays her in order to unravel the final twist in his case and convict a vicious killer?


I love a heroine who is quirky, full of spunk, and a hero that matches her wit for wit. Caught By A Clown features such a couple. Stacie finds herself in the midst of trouble, as she apparently seems to usually do, and also lands in the middle of an investigation. Stacie isn't afraid to go after what she wants to get the inside scoop, and especially now that she's promised her best friend. David tries his hardest to keep her out of trouble, but yet there Stacie goes again.

Though a few things bothered me about David, I ended up liking him and enjoyed his role in the story. I guess in some ways, Stacie brought it upon herself. Caught By A Clown is full of action, sarcasm, and adventure. The emotions that the characters have are so real that the reader can relate and understand.

Enjoy an action packed romantic suspense? You may like Sandra Crowley's Caught By A Clown.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Marion Webb De Sisto Visits Today: Psychic Attackes

Dear Reader,

Have you ever given any thought to how you can protect yourself against being attacked? Perhaps you have taken training in one of the martial arts, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, or Judo? Or maybe you are skilled in boxing or wrestling? Although I hold an intense dislike of aggression and violence, I can understand the merit of being able to defend oneself and to subdue an attacker. However, my focus in this article is not centered on a physical assault, but rather on that which comes from another level. Sometimes known as a psychic attack, it can either be caused by the ill wishes and negative energy directed at you by someone else or be emanating from unseen forces. This may sound a little ‘off the wall,’ but bear with me. No one was, or is, more sceptical than me, but over the years I have had to accept that paranormal events do happen even though my logical thinking tells me they cannot.

First, I shall address the harm that comes from another person. Within the human experience it is quite possible to gain enemies or those who feel unkindly toward you. A former friend may have become an opponent; a neighbor may have issues with you over something. Such people are harboring negative thoughts about you and some could even be hoping bad luck will occur in your life. They may verbalize to others their dislike of you or tell you, face-to-face, that you deserve misfortune. Their thoughts and words are directing negativity toward you. Other folk might be jealous because in their perception you have something they do not possess. They may not express to you or others their feelings of envy, but they exist in their thoughts and, therefore, are generating negativity in your direction.

Although this is less likely to happen, you might fall victim to the destructive intentions of an adversary who is well-able to focus and inflict their harmful desires. This type of person is skilled in sending injurious energy to whomsoever they choose. They know “form follows thought” and that the ill will they propel will manifest as some type of adversity in their target’s life. They will usually incorporate the use of ritual, incantations and/or a helper. The latter may come in the form of a crystal, a symbol, a herb or wild plant, or an item that was originally a part of physical life, such as a bone, a tooth, or a feather. They might also call upon the help of what they believe is a powerful ally. This will possibly be a dark entity, an ancient god or goddess, or even an ancestor. Whatever aides they employ adds enhancement to their purpose.

How will you know if you are under attack from another person? The symptoms might be similar to those experienced when unwell. Sudden pains in the body, severe headaches, or feeling repeatedly nauseous are some examples. Of course, such problems should always be brought to the attention of your doctor, but when a physical cause has been ruled out, give consideration to negative energy being aimed at you. Another indication could be a sudden fall. You did not trip over anything and it felt as though someone pushed you. The person’s unkind thoughts are assaulting you.

Now to the second form of psychic attack that might bombard you. Do you work in some area of metaphysics? Are you a healer, a therapist, a medium, or are you delving into esoteric studies? Then you are opening up to levels other than the earthly plane and you may be vulnerable to an onslaught from forces that are less than positive. Similarly, if your work gives help to others, e.g. offering shelter to battered women or counseling teenage runaways, you may also be at risk. In terms of spirituality you are working for the Light and, just as a lit candle contrasts against darkness, you are opposing the malevolent shadows.

What are the indicators of this malicious harassment? You may experience a feeling of literally being pinned down, where you are sitting or lying, by something extremely heavy and unyielding. In addition, there could be a sense of heat or cold surrounding you. An unpleasant odor might fill your nostrils. You may hear weird noises or a babble of voices that seem to drain all resistance from you. If you have caught the attention of lesser adversaries, such as negative elementals, they will, like the proverbial moths to a flame, hover around you and create difficulties. The following are a few examples of what you might experience: Important items, including clothing, go missing from your home or workplace; other objects will be moved to a place where you would never put them; overhead lights and lamps are switched on and off by themselves.

If you can accept that a psychic attack is possible, how do you combat it? The most successful method to use is creating a shield around your auric space. If you do this, you are prepared to repel whatever negative energy is now, or in the future, directed at you. In everyday life your aura encases your body within roughly the space of 3 ft. This includes in front and behind you, as well as above your head and below your feet. Under certain circumstances your aura can expand or contract at will. When you give healing, meditate, or channel, it expands. If you are under attack or feel threatened in any way, it contracts. Auric space consists of the seven subtle levels, or bodies, but for this article I am only pinpointing the first three. These are the Etheric, which is like a second skin to the physical body, then the Emotional and followed by the Lower Mental. Sometimes these three levels are referred to as the Astral Plane.

Try to envisage your aura. Get a sense of it surrounding you. Use your imagination if your inner vision or perception is not strong. Think of it as the shape of a bubble or an egg that is all around you. Once you have grasped this concept and with the power of your mind, place a thickness at the circumference of your auric space. It is like an eggshell that covers and protects. At the beginning of each day and just before going to sleep, reaffirm that this barrier is in place and standing guard over you. It is protecting your seven subtle levels and in particular the inner three through which psychic attacks can reach you. They aim for the Lower Mental and Emotional levels and, once there, they cascade down to the physical body via the Etheric, but cannot do this if your aura’s barricade is in place. Some people, who use this form of protection, create mirrored barriers so that whatever untoward energy is sent to them is reflected back to the sender. However, a caution is necessary here. Mirroring back negative energy to a person adds double the strength to it, making your action become a karmic issue for you.

Your aura and its barrier can be given added protection in various ways. A few drops of Rosemary or Lavender Essential Oil that are mixed in a base of Sweet Almond Oil become a protective fluid. Place a small quantity in the palms of the hands daily and spread throughout your auric space. Chicory, Lavender, Mallow, Mugwort, Rosemary and Sage are highly protective herbs. After drying cuttings of them, gather together and set alight for a moment. Once the flame is extinguished, you can smudge your aura and surroundings with the smoking bundle. If you are familiar with the Bach Flower Remedies, then utilize the amazing properties of these flower essences. Take Walnut to protect you at all times and Crab Apple will help remove any negative elementals that may be attempting to attach themselves to one of your three inner subtle levels. Also, Rescue Remedy will help alleviate the trauma of a sudden psychic attack that has managed to reach you.

If you carry or keep in close proximity to you a talisman or religious object, your aura is strengthened and protected. Such items as a Goddess symbol, an ankh, a cross, or a Star-of-David will serve you well. Wearing a Clear Quartz or Obsidian pendant both day and night is another option. Or carry a tumblestone in the pocket during the day and place it under your pillow at night. One of the following would also be a suitable choice because they are considered to be very protective against the negative forces: Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Gold, Silver, Jade, Malachite, Marble, Peridot, Salt, Tigereye, and Turquoise. Minerals/crystals need to be cleansed and dedicated before being asked to shield you and your aura so be sure to learn about these processes before the pendant is worn or the tumblestone is carried.

I do hope my suggestions for combating psychic attacks prove helpful to you, even though they are by no means exhaustive. Stay positive and vigilant, and remain safe.

© 2011 Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine.

Author Marion Webb-De Sisto
Fiction - Adventure and Romance with a Devilish Twist.
Non-Fiction - Helpful Information on Crystals, Crystal Skulls, Healing and the Spirit World.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paty Jager, Bridled Heart

Title: Bridled Heart

Author: Paty Jager

Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sub-Genre: Western Romance

Keywords: Yellow Rose, Spicy, Rodeo Rider

Page Count: 284

ISBN E-Book: 1-60154-874-5

Price: $6.25

ISBN for Print: 978-1601548740

Price: $13.99

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy-Link: http://thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=175_141&products_id=4369

Reviewer: Nikki


A specialized placement schedule and self-imposed vow of celibacy keeps ER nurse, Gina Montgomery, from getting too close to anyone. Music is her only solace and release from a past laced with abuse. But when that music draws the attention of a handsome rodeo bareback rider, her chosen solitary life—not to mention her vow—gets tested to the limits.

Holt Reynolds let his younger sister down when she needed him most. With the similarities to his sister far too evident in Gina, he can’t get the woman out of his head, or her poignant music out of his heart. But how can he find a way to free her bridled heart before the past resurfaces to destroy their one chance at happiness?


Bridled Heart is an emotional, wonderfully written contemporary romance. The story touches a dark subject and how it affects the heroine today, but Gina goes through a tremendous change once she meets and begins to trust Holt. She's very quiet and withdrawn before, and during the story, blooms into a strong, admirable woman. Holt is a great hero to read about, and meeting Gina changes him in many ways as well. The story flows well, there's not a dull moment and I could not put this book down. The characterization is dynamic, and makes Holt, Gina, and many of the secondary characters so memorable.

Are you looking for a great contemporary western romance that will keep you reading throughout the night? Do you like stories that have characters you can't help but love? Pick up Bridled Heart by Paty Jager. I loved this novel.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ava McKnight, Worth the Wait

Title: Worth the Wait

Author: Ava McKnight

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Keywords: Bad Boy, Motorcycle

Length: Novel

ISBN E-Book: 978-1419933387

Price: $5.95

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Buy-Link: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9180-worth-the-wait.aspx

Reviewer: Cia


Jade’s law-enforcing, gun-toting relatives scare off every potential love interest she has in the small town of Moon River, Montana, leaving her frustrated and sexually deprived. Until bad boy Vin D’Angelo roars into town on a bad-ass motorcycle…along with his devilishly handsome friend and business partner, Noah Riley.

For one night of her very sheltered life, Jade gets everything she wants, needs and desires during an intense ménage with the two men. Come morning, though, it’s Vin’s sinfully delicious body she still craves—making him more than worth the wait.

Unfortunately, Vin has come to Moon River to reveal secrets he’s kept for eight years. Shocking revelations that threaten his new bond with Jade when she discovers who he really is…and how intricately he’s entwined with her painful past.


Worth the Wait by Ava McKnight hit so close to home it was uncanny. No I didn’t have Vin or a Noah...but I did have over protective brothers and cousins and I totally could relate to the difficulty poor Jade had with entering a relationship much less having sex. It truly sucked. So when I saw this blurb I had to read of this emotionally starved, sex starved, lonely heroine who’d had enough and decided to rock the boat and live her life on her terms. I commend her on how she stood up to her family in her own town.

Vin the sexy man was not a one dimensional type a guy but multifaceted. Every time I thought I had him pinned down, he threw out another fault that led to such a great trait I thought I’d die swooning over him. I enjoyed the hard hot passion between he and Jade but more his determination to right a wrong that never really was. Seeing how he went from boy to man and his past life altering traumas had me falling for him.

Now Noah what a fine piece of man, and I can’t wait for his story. I was glad he didn’t overly intrude on what wasn’t his but obliged just a bit. He’s the type of friend every guy should have.

The secondary characters were a lively bunch and I can’t wait to see what crops up. Maybe even if Jade’s papa finds himself a strong heroine too.

Fyn Alexander, Angel and the Assassin 2: Be Brave

Title: Angel and the Assassin 2: Be Brave

Author: Fyn Alexander

Rating: Siren's Best Book Stone

Genre: BDSM

Sub-Genre: LGBT, Romantic Suspense

Keywords: D/s, Assassins, BDSM Theme and Elements, M/M, Violence

Length: Novel Plus

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-60737-999-7

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Buy-Link: http://www.loose-id.com/Angel-and-the-Assassin-2-Be-Brave.aspx

Reviewer: Cia


MI6 assassin Kael Saunders was supposed to kill Angel Button after he witnessed a kill. Not only did Kael refuse to hurt Angel, but he took him home and fell in love with him. Living together now in a loving D/s relationship, Angel wants to follow in his daddy’s footsteps while Kael is determined to keep his boy out of the dangerous world of international assassins.

During an assignment Kael finds a little girl who is caught up in human trafficking and determines to rescue her. When he is taken prisoner Angel sets out to find his beloved Daddy and bring him home.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: strong BDSM theme and content, male/male sexual practices, violence.


Angel and the Assassin 2: Be Brave the continued story of Angel and Kael truly amazed me. I didn’t know there was more of their life coming, and that there was and it showed so much more growth both within Kael and within Angel was outstanding. Fyn Alexander outdid himself with this work. In this sequel we got to see a timid young boy grow and mature and come into his own under the loving yet patient hand of his master.

There are so many great things to remark on that I’m having a hard time voicing them. What I do want to say is…seeing a deeper side of Kael, an emotional side and peeling apart the layers into his entire self, it made my heart melt. I think that the two diverse males with polar opposite personalities continued to grow in love and support each other. You didn’t just see a boy with his daddy, you saw a perfect match transcending level of intimacy and trust that’s hard to find but worth the work it takes to have.

I’m going to have to put this on the keeper shelf with the first installment.

Annabel Joseph, Owning Wednesday

Title: Owning Wednesday

Author: Annabel Joseph

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: BDSM Contemporary

Keywords: Ménage, M/F/M, BDSM Theme and Elements, D/s

Length: Novel

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-60737-952-2

Price: $6.99

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Buy-Link: http://www.loose-id.com/Owning-Wednesday.aspx

Reviewer: Cia


Wednesday is released by Vincent, her long-time Master, only to find herself in a new, much more emotionally intense BDSM relationship with Daniel. But is Vincent really out of her life forever? Can Wednesday bear the intimacy of her new lover's demands? The three soon find themselves in an uneasy and sometimes downright contentious love triangle.

Wednesday wants to submit to Daniel, but self-protective impulses and bad memories make their budding relationship a constant struggle. In a world of passion, promises, and power exchange, Wednesday and her lovers must come to understand the difference between being “owned” and loved.

Publisher's Note: This book is a substantially re-edited, revised version of a book of the same title previously released elsewhere, and contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, ménage (m/f/m), strong BDSM theme and elements.


Owning Wednesday by Annabel Joseph was one gut wrenching emotional read. One I loved from page one to the end. The dynamics of BDSM and D/s are not easily explained or understood. Yet as the pages turned and I was able to see all three characters and the deep insight to the very core of them insight dawned into a beautiful thing.

Vincent comes off as an overbearing and almost abusive Master. I almost worried that he was too much for Wednesday and that she needed to get out. I was wrong but wouldn’t know it until much later.

When Daniel came into the picture there was a glimmer of radiance brought out in Wednesday that Vincent never got from her. From his reaction it was plain to see. I loved the gentle loving side of Daniel but disliked the other side, the possessive one. I wasn’t sure how Wednesday would act, with her past issues and abandonment issues from Vincent’s departure in her life. All of it seemed to turn into a cataclysmic disaster, one I wondered if it had a happy ever after.

I think in this time Wednesday had too much time to herself and never was I so glad to see her Dom come back in and pull her back into her comfort level. The passion in this story surged white hot, the emotional tangle of any relationship had me holding my breath, sheer stubbornness on both parts and a coming to terms with the third party eventually deescalated, love kept them together.

I enjoyed this read on a multitude of levels and can’t wait to read the next work by Annabel Joseph.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Linda Morris, Forget-Me-Not

Title: Forget-Me-Not

Author: Linda Morris

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Keywords: Crimson Rose, Spicy, Private Investigator

Page Count: 230

ISBN E-Book: 1-60154-875-3

Price: $6.00

ISBN for Print: 978-1601548757

Price: $11.99

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy-Link: http://thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=137&products_id=4400

Reviewer: Nikki


Lara Crosby left Chicago when her career as a big-time political fundraiser turned very ugly. Determined to put the past behind her, she envisions a peaceful new life at her cabin in northern Minnesota. Everything changes on a dark night when a mysterious and attractive stranger suffers an accident outside her cabin.

Jacob Sumner awakes in the wilderness after a car accident with no idea who he is or why he was coming to see Lara Crosby. She's beautiful and sweet, but she's a world away from the gritty world where he makes his living as a private investigator…or is she?


What would you think if suddenly a man has an accident and has no recollection of who he is, and why he was where he is? For Lara, naive and trusting as she is, she still wonders about this strange man. But he's hurt and suffers a memory loss, or so he says. Little by little, piece by piece, Jacob recalls certain parts of his life, but not enough to keep the two ahead of the danger that swarms them.

In this riveting tale of romantic suspense, Linda Morris creates an intense ride of thrills, intrigue, and fiery hot romance. The story had me guessing until the final unveiling. I am a sucker for stories with amnesia themes, and Forget-Me-Not is an excellent addition to it. The author trickles in fragments of memory for Jacob and it keeps the story strong. I was turning the pages long into the night.

Enjoy romantic suspense? Add Forget-Me-Not to your list!