Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An SBR Reviewer Desperately Needs Our Help This Christmas!

Today I received some disheartening news. One of my good friends, Yvette, had been through a horrible Christmas morning. Her house burned down, leaving her and her family without anything over the holidays.

The Red Cross answered their call, providing them with housing for a few days, but her need is great, as herself, her husband and seven children are without housing or clothing, with the exception of the donations of good people like ourselves, that are willing to reach out and provide for a family in great need.

I ask on behalf of these wonderful people, if you could extend a helping hand: clothes for the young children, donations of food or money to get them through this trying time. Even five dollars helps immensely. I know you don’t know them, but Yvette is a wonderful person who has never done wrong to anyone, and she and her family deserve the best of holidays. I have known her for so long, and she is a reviewer at our review site, Siren Book Reviews. Her adoration for the written word made us fast friends, and I even had the chance to have lunch with her during a trip to Florida, with one of her delightful children when he was an infant.

My heart goes out to them, and I hope yours does too. Please share this post, and tell your friends! Please read the following information for donations.

Tomorrow Yvette is going to go out and open a PO Box so I can provide an address to send physical donations. So please keep an eye out for that update. 

For anyone who sends a donation, I offer you one of my e-books of your choice. Send me an e-mail with your chosen title:

Yvette’s Paypal address is:

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Amy Redwood, Alien Surrender

Title:  Alien Surrender
Author:  Amy Redwood
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Erotic Science Fiction
Keywords:  BDSM Elements, Futuristic, Ménage, D/s
Page Count:  Novella            
ISBN E-Book:  978-141-9949388    
Price:  $4.45
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


Alien Surrender is a standalone sequel to Alien Best Man; To read Kyra and Garrett’s story, check out Alien Threesome.

Jana is happy. After all, it's her wedding day, also known as the Joining of the Three. Her mates are two alien males who couldn't be more different. One is loving while the other has a cruel streak and dominates her in the bedroom. In love with one, in lust with the other, she expects to live the rest of her life in blissful ecstasy. If it weren't for an alien envy that threatens to destroy her relationship with her two mates.
Inside Scoop: Dominance and submission, pain that hurts so good, sexy aliens, threesomes and a loving relationship for a human girl who gets not one but hot TWO hot alien males.
A Romantica® Futuristic, ménage erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Alien Surrender is a wonderful sequel to Alien Best Man.  The story can definitely be read on its own, but either way as a sequel or standalone you won’t be disappointed.  In this story the author is able to develop the characters further and give us some insight as to how the three of them will work as a family unit.

Jana is human, now married to two Dezrian aliens, and living on their planet.  She is the only human on the whole planet and is feeling lonely, homesick, and out of place.  She is also unaware that her two husbands are dealing with issues of their own.

Zyn is Dezra’s King and Qay is Dezra’s elected ruler, but both are Jana’s husbands.  In this story we get to find out how each of the men deals with Jana and helping her assimilate to her new life.  There are plenty of insecurities for Jana and her men to overcome and each husband has his own approach.  The one thing that Zyn and Qay both have in common is their love for Jana.

The story sucked me in at the beginning and spit me out at the end wanting more of these characters.  It’s a page turner that will have you engrossed so that you don’t realize the end is coming.  It’s always sad when you are enjoying a good story and it has to end.  Hopefully there will be more about Jana, Zyn, and Qay in future books.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lisa Carlisle, Gargoyle's Embrace

Title:  Gargoyle’s Embrace 
Author:  Lisa Carlisle
Rating:  Four Siren Stones
Genre:  Paranormal Erotic Romance
Keywords:  Shape-Shifter, Gargoyle
Page Count:  Quickie            
ISBN E-Book:  978-141-9948954    
Price:  $2.49 
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


Fifth in the Underground Encounters series.

Tracy isn’t sure why she’s drawn to a particular gargoyle statue in the Goth club where she works. After the stone takes human form to protect her from her abusive ex, she brings the handsome, naked male to her apartment. It’s impossible to ignore the seductive appeal of a man sculpted like a Viking warrior.
Danton has only hours in human form to spend with the woman he has hungered for. He’s convinced what’s between them is more than hot sex, but he needs to convince Tracy of that before he turns back to stone.
A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Gargoyle’s Embrace is short and sweet with some dark drama to spice it up.  It is a short story so there is not a lot of time for character building or finding out more about Danton’s life as a gargoyle.  The story takes place over a period of less than forty-eight hours so the reader gets just a glimpse of Tracy’s life.

Tracy’s ex-boyfriend, Brian, is somewhat of a stalker.  Danton the gargoyle that Tracy meets at work feels it is his job to protect Tracy.  Herein the dark drama ensues with some surprising results.

Between her stalker and supernatural revelations, Tracy gets to know Danton on a very intimate level.  Their erotic sexual encounters quickly turn to something more.

Lisa Carlisle does a nice job of wrapping up the story and leaving the reader with a happy feeling, but still some unanswered questions.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brenna Lyons, All I Want for Christmas is You

Title:  All I Want for Christmas is You
Author:  Brenna Lyons
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Sub-Genre:  Erotic Romance
Keywords:  Romantic Comedy, Sensual, Bondage, HEA Ending
Page Count:  86            
ISBN E-Book:  978-1-60659-751-4    
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Phaze
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


Carson Cousins Book 1
Two years after losing her fiancé Zach in a car accident, Robin is moving on. She's set her priorities, and one of them is following through with a life plan she and Zach made together...having a baby. It would be best if said child shared some of Zach's genes. Enter David, Zach's older brother. He's Robin's best friend, her confidant, the one person who won't think she's crazy to do this...she hopes. Since there's no chance the ladies' man will fall for her, she hopes sex with him will stop the dreams where David takes Zach's place. It's the invitation he's been waiting for, three years of watching Robin with his little brother, then watching her grieve Zach. If only she wanted David for himself and not a convenient sperm donor to conceive his brother's child. Then again, in such close quarters, maybe he'll be able to convince her to something more permanent...if his parents don't catch wind of the whole thing first.


This was a fun story to read and watch unfold.  It’s hard not to like both the main characters, Robin and David.  The author brings them to life with believable backgrounds and insecurities.  Robin was engaged to David’s younger brother Zach.  Zach was killed in an accident that paralyzed Robin from moving forward.  While grieving, David was there for her as was Zach’s family.  When Robin decides she wants to have a baby and asks David to help her, David sees his chance to be with Robin.

Brenna Lyons turned up the heat in her extremely erotic, hot, steamy love scenes between Robin and David that will keep you reading for more.  The suspense around the parents and family finding out that David and Robin are together keeps the plot moving forward.  The secondary characters add some comedy and mirth to the story.

All I Want for Christmas is You is a story with some deep emotions that still managed to be light-hearted and enjoyable to read.  The ending is both happy and hopeful for the future unfolding for Robin and David.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Evangeline Anderson, Chained: Brides of the Kindred Book 9

Title:  Chained (Brides of the Kindred)
Author:  Evangeline Anderson
Rating:  Five Siren Stones

Genre:  Erotic Paranormal Romance
Sub-Genre:  Science Fiction/Fantasy
Keywords:  Brides of the Kindred, Aliens, Demons, D/s
Page Count:  380            
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Kindle    
Price:  $3.99 
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


Maggie Jordan is not supposed to be having adventures. Her mission is to go to Gaia, a new, unpopulated world, and study the native life forms there. So how come she finds herself in on the female dominated Yonnie Six instead, rescuing a huge, muscular prisoner? The same prisoner she keeps seeing over and over again in her dreams… 

Korexiroth—or Kor, as Maggie dubs him, is a slave who spent his life fighting in the savage arenas of the Blood Circuit. He’s got plenty of kills under his belt and more than enough reasons to run as soon as he gets free. But somehow he can’t make himself part from the girl who was brave enough to save him from certain death. 

Now Maggie and Kor are on the run together, trying desperately to find someone to remove the alien device that was implanted in Maggie as punishment for her thievery of an expensive slave. The device, or “slut button” as it is called, forces Maggie to sexual excesses the shy scientist has never known before—and Kor is the only one who can help her control her new urges. 

Kor is more than willing to help Maggie satisfy her new sexual hunger but his own appetites are not so easily satiated. For there is a dark secret, a shadow from his past that stalks him and whispers of power beyond belief if only he will give himself over to darkness. 

Will they find a way to return Maggie to normal? Will Kor admit how he really feels for her? Or with the shadow from his past succeed is tearing them apart? You’ll have to read Chained, Brides of the Kindred 9, to find out. 


Evangeline Anderson was correct in her author notes at the front of Chained; if you have not read her previous books then you will be a little lost reading book nine in her series.  For the most part you will be able to follow along, but some of the major plot points were set into motion in previous books.  There were also some editing issues or perhaps they were Amazon formatting problems, but nothing too bad that distracted from the main story.

That being said it was a great romantic, science fiction, fantasy story that readers of the Kindred series will not want to miss.  I found this story to be rather humorous and light-hearted considering the subject matter was a little dark and sadistic.  Killing, kidnapping, and sexual slavery was written in a compelling manner that, as a reader, had you engaged and rooting for the main characters. 

Korexiroth and Maggie Jordan’s lives are linked by dreams that draw them together, but are forever entwined through acts of kindness.  Korexiroth is the ultimate alpha male or perfect Kindred.  He is protective, brave, kind, and self-sacrificing.  Maggie is independent, smart, and brave, but totally out of her element when dealing with aliens.  She’s a bit clumsy and accident prone, but loving and loyal to a fault.    

The two of them have several adventures together that put both of them at risk for losing not only their hearts but their lives.  Each new hurdle or surprise that is put in front of this couple only seems to bring them closer.  Their sexual chemistry lights the pages on fire and keeps the reader turning the pages as fast as they can to see the final outcome, which was very gratifying.

As with her other books the author brings in secondary characters in the form of previous heroes and heroines in the Kindred series.  There are small updates for these characters as well as some setup for the next books.  If you plan on following along with the series then you do not want to miss this installment.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Evangeline Anderson, Purity

Title:  Purity
Author:  Evangeline Anderson
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Erotic Science Fiction
Sub-Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Keywords:  Aliens, Genetic Mutations
Page Count:  359          
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc.    
Price:  $2.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


K is a fourth level Paladin and a servant of Purity—the holy nothingness she has been taught to revere and aspire to from childhood. Born on a sexless world from an artificial womb, K was fitted with a black mesh skinsuit at the tender age of nine. The suit nourishes and defends her from enemies and serves as her main weapon in the holy war her people have declared on the rest of the universe. It also eradicates even the slightest traces of emotion. Leading her purge squad in a never-ending mission to rid the universe of the Impure, K is accustomed to killing or enslaving everyone she meets.

That is, until she meets Boone.

Boone is a doctor and geneticist from Colossus—a heavy G world which has rendered the people who inhabited it larger and stronger than regular humans. He’s more than happy to stay on his own planet and do research—until his little sister is taken by Purists and delivered to the pshalite mines. Frantic to rescue her, he hatches a desperate plot—capture a Paladin and use the enemy pawn to gain access to where his sister is being held. K falls into his net—but not without a fight. When she is wounded in the battle, Boone is forced to cut off her skinsuit in order to save her life.

Now, removed from her comforting routine and separated from the parasitic suit, K is beginning to change. Her body is blossoming and her mind is opening. For the first time in her life she can feel…whether she wants to or not. In order to survive in her new environment she has to cooperate with Boone. 

However, she soon finds that it isn’t just her body he holds prisoner…
but also her heart.


Boone is a great character; he is kind, caring, and compassionate.  He takes to heart the responsibility of taking care his loved ones and those under his protection, even if they don’t want him to.

K is a fanatic that has been brainwashed to think everyone not like her race should be enslaved or purged.  Without the necessary and continuous reinforcement of her beliefs, she starts to feel and think on her own.  It’s as if a child was put into a woman’s body.  The journey of discovery is an interesting one!

Boone was only going to use K, but as time passes the situation changes.  As he feels responsible for the path they are on, he deems himself responsible for K too.  K fights him every step of the way, even as they fall into a comfortable routine.  Boone finds he is very willing to help K come out of her shell and explore the world around her.

Discovery and exploration lead to passion and love, but Boone is sure that it is all one sided.  Twists and turns in the plot will leave the reader wondering if there will ever be a happy ending.  Purity sucks you in at the beginning and keeps the reader engaged throughout.

The dynamic between the characters was well thought out.  The secondary characters add levity and comic relief.  At the end of Purity there is a brief excerpt for the next story which will flow flawlessly from the first.

If you are a fan of science fiction/fantasy stories with an erotic twist then this is one story that you will want to add to your pile of reading.  Evangeline Anderson writes science fiction/fantasy is a way that brings the reader right into her world.  All the made up jargon and new species seem totally normal and possible while engulfed in this story.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mahalia Levey, Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Title:  Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Author:  Mahalia Levey
Rating:  Four And A Half Siren Stones
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Sub-Genre:  Erotic Romance
Keywords:  Rock Band, Rock Star
Page Count:  158          
ISBN E-Book:  978-1-61885-795-8   
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:   Secret Cravings Publishing
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


One gigantic mistake threatens to bring Carlie Steven's world crumbling down. Everywhere she turns she's faced with reminders of the drunken moment leaving her friendless, expelled from her Ivy League College. With Jackson out of the country singing for the troops, his empty home will give her the breathing room she needs while coming up with a game plan to fix her situation.

Playing guitar used to be enough for Jackson Laurant. For years he's played the part of not giving a fuck. Too many one night stands in the bag leave him wanting what his two friends have found. With only a handful of shows left on the tour, his mind wanders to the off limits Carlie Stevens. For years, he’s denied the brewing attraction. When he finds she’s taken up residence in his home. He may have the in he’s wanted for too many years to count.


Kiss Me Like You Mean It is a nice follow up story for Shut Up and Kiss Me.  It is a standalone story, but there is a lot of history from the previous story mentioned in this new one.  The reader gets to revisit characters, get some follow up information, and see where the next story might lead.

Jackson Laurant is a member in Carlie Steven’s brother’s band.  They’ve known each other since they were both children.  They share some history, but their family situations couldn’t be more different.  They are both products of their environments and how they evolved and thrived alone is tested in this story.  Their friendship blossoms into love after some serious trials and errors.

The result is some explosive sexual tension that threatens to end what they just started.  Carlie and Jackson set fire to the pages as they find their balance.

This is an erotic romance, but also a journey into a maturing friendship that will support Carlie and Jackson into the future. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Evangeline Anderson, Shadowed: Brides of the Kindred Book 8

Title:  Shadowed: Brides of the Kindred Book 8
Author:  Evangeline Anderson
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Sub-Genre:  Science Fiction/Fantasy
Keywords:  Kindred Warriors, Brides of the Kindred, Aliens    
Page Count:  366          
ISBN E-Book: 978-1301687671   
Price:  $2.99 
Publisher:  Self-Published 
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


Nina is normal Florida girl with a job and a life and a grandmother she adores. But lately she’s been having disturbing dreams. Dreams of a man with a shadowed face—a man filled with pain and need and desire only she can slake. She fears him but at the same time, the dreams leave her breathless with need. Who is this dark stranger and what does he want of her?

Reddix is a Touch Kindred with an inverted Touch Sense—he can’t touch with his mind like others of his kind. Instead, he is doomed to endure their emotions like a physical invasion every time he’s around anyone. Desperation drives him to kidnap Nina—the girl he has been dreaming of. But he doesn’t take her out of love but as a sacrifice to one who claims she can cure his affliction. 

Snatching Nina from her job, Reddix takes her on a journey to the stars that ends in disaster. Now, marooned on a strange planet they will have to learn to work together in order to survive. Can Nina forgive Reddix’s attack and gain his trust enough to heal him…or will his fate remain forever Shadowed?


I was a little reluctant and worried about reading book eight without having read the previous seven books.  The author even stated at the beginning that the reader would be lost.  However, Evangeline Anderson does such a great job of drawing you into the story that I really didn’t feel lost.  I felt like I was viewing a situation that had a past, but the author’s descriptions and explanations had me captivated and up to date for this story.  There was also a glossary of terms at the end of the story for anything that needed clarification.  If anything the other characters and story lines made me want to read the previous books.  I’m sure that followers of the Kindred will enjoy revisiting some of their favorite characters in this tale.

Shadowed really sucked me in from the beginning.  The action and drama didn’t let up.  This is an erotic science fiction/fantasy romance story.  Shadowed has a little of everything.  Most importantly is the plot line that continues to move forward with some twists and turns that keep the reader entranced.  It is very hard to put down because you just want to know what is going to happen next.

Loved the world building and science fiction/fantasy aspects of the story.  It was very creative and imaginative.  Being able to connect to the worlds through wonderful descriptions added an element of realism that made me, as a reader, care about these characters even more.

Reddix and Nina are wonderful characters and they have great chemistry together.  Incredible sensual and sexual scenes play out between the two.  The couple’s relationship starts out innocent and stormy and soon moves to hot and steamy.  I enjoyed the progression of both their relationship and their sexual encounters.  Both Nina and Reddix try so hard to guard their hearts from further pain, but they can’t stop their feelings for one another.

I would recommend this book and look forward to future installments in the Kindred series.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sommer Marsden, Angry Sex

Title:  Angry Sex
Author:  Sommer Marsden
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Sub-Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Keywords:  HEA Ending, BDSM     
Word Count:  61,486          
ISBN E-Book:  978-1609826314
Price:  $6.99 
ISBN For Print:  978-1475067163
Price:  $15.50
Publisher:  Excessica
Reviewer:  Cia


Luna Watkins can’t remember feeling so stressed. Her teenage son Nick’s health issues are reemerging and her ex Ben wants to help but is just making ends meet with odd jobs. Her catering business is thriving but too hectic for her to handle, at least that’s what it feels like. Not to mention since she’s been divorced, she hasn’t dated much and has had sex even less. When Nick decides to visit his grandparents for the summer, Luna is devastated. And yet, she sees a chance to work through her anger and her angst. Maybe some time to feed her body, mind and soul knowing he’s well taken care of.

Enter Adam Singleton, her new, last minute server. Handsome, gruff Adam who’s working through his own anger.  Flirting turns to sparring. Sparring turns to angry sex—like therapy but naked. As time goes by and Luna and Adam become even more entangled, with their hardships and each other, the question becomes, does angry sex turn to more anger…or peace?

Warnings: This title contains sex while angry, consensual bdsm, explicit content, a handsome man with rapier wit.


In the beginning, I wanted to hate this story.  The title almost turned me away, but then as I began to get to know Luna a bit more and understand how helpless she felt with her son’s disease, I realized where the crux of her anger came from and that she needed an outlet to feel a sense of normalcy return to her 24/7 hectic life.

Adam is the perfect ying to her yang as he is going through a similar life changing event himself.  As a man he struggles to control his emotions while he is taking care of those who mean the most to him. Together they collide in a flurry of hot, mesmerizing dirty sex with BDSM aspects and kinky spanking.  Luna submits beautifully to this engaging man who needs to find peace while his world is continually crumbling.

Soon the feelings turn to more than just fucking and both sides must decide if they feel more.  With a set of nosey family members it’s no secret who they are cheering for.  Maybe if Luna chooses to let go a bit and enjoy the love of a good man, she will see that obsessing over what cannot be changed can free her from the chains she’s wrapped around herself.  Maybe if Adam can openly trust one woman he’ll realize he also doesn’t have to go through his situation alone.  It takes one smart teen to voice the solution.  Hopefully they will cede to how they feel and have a happily ever after.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gail MacMillan, Holding Off for a Hero

Title:  Holding Off for a Hero
Author:  Gail MacMillan
Rating:  Four Siren Stones
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Keywords:  Champagne Rose, Spicy    
Page Count:  256          
ISBN E-Book:  978-1-61217-440-2
Price:  $4.99
ISBN For Print:  978-1-61217-439-6
Price:  $12.99 
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press 
Reviewer:  Marcie Oropeza


Beautiful, vivacious Emma Prescott has a love-'em-and-leave-'em reputation.  Fact is, Emma's holding off for a hero.  When she moves to a cabin at wilderness Loon Lake and meets her one neighbour, biology professor Frasier MacKenzie, he's still just another guy, even with his killer blue eyes and a body that just won't quit...until he rescues her and her Pug from one danger after another, from drowning to wild animals to a pair of armed and angry drug dealers.  Then he definitely falls into hero territory.  

But the professor has no intention of filling the role of white knight in Emma's life.  All he wants is to be rid of her and her annoying little dog so he can get on with his "research."  In fact, he's ordered to get rid of them whether he wants to or not. 

Looks as if Emma may have to go on holding off for a hero...


This was a surprisingly enjoyable read!  I found it a bit frustrating at times: Emma’s behaviors were quite often as difficult to take for the reader as they were for Frasier.  

The author did a great job of building background and character as well as suspense and mystery.  The humor in Emma’s personality as she related to Frasier had me smiling to myself quite often. I thought it sometimes took a bit too long to get to some of the important plot points but, other than that, I recommend this as a good read.

Lacey Wolfe, Accidental Love

Title:  Accidental Love
Author:  Lacey Wolfe
Rating:  Four Siren Stones
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Keywords:  Hot Bods Series Book 3, Older Man/Younger Woman    
Word Count:  23,000          
ISBN E-Book:  978-1937325299
Price:  $3.99 
Publisher:  Beachwalk Press, Inc. 
Reviewer:  Marcie Oropeza


(Hot Bods Series, Book 3)

Has Jane accidentally fallen for the decoy? Sometimes there is only one thing to do when you get dumped—make the ex jealous with someone new. Which is exactly what Jane plans to do with Ben, an older, handsome man who has agreed to act as her new love interest.

When Ben meets Toby, Jane's unruly dog, he offers to help her train him. But as Ben helps Jane gain control of her dog, he realizes he's lost control of his feelings, and he's beginning to fall for the much younger woman.

Suddenly, Jane can't seem to remember what she ever saw in her ex. All she can focus on is the way Ben makes her feel each time he kisses her. But now the ex has decided he wants her back, and he's willing to play dirty to make it happen.

Content Warning: Explicit sex


This was a fun, happy, quick read!  Ms. Wolfe did a fine job detailing the life Jane lives prior to meeting Ben as well as his effect on her life. Her ex is “the guy we all love to hate” and his characterization is spot-on.  

The character of Francesca, Jane’s new best friend, becomes more interesting as the story progresses; I would like to see her get her own story.  

The plot progresses at a nice, even pace without any serious deviations to detract from the story of Ben and Jane.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fast bit of older man/younger woman romance.  

Thalia Frost, Her Goblin Protector

Title:  Her Goblin Protector
Author:  Thalia Frost
Rating:  Three Siren Stones

Genre:  Paranormal Erotic Romance
Keywords:  Book 1, Goblins    
Word Count:  9500          
ISBN E-Book:  978-1-61937-262-7
Price:  $ .99 
Publisher:  Musa Publishing 
Reviewer:  Kristin Boyd


Lizzie Lake’s house sitting job in the hills of Appalachia is about to get very interesting when a sensual fight between man and goblin breaks out...

Lizzie Lake looks forward to a few peaceful months at her aunt’s place, Landry’s Farm, but her first night proves the place is anything but tranquil.

When she sees a non-human but handsome face in the window, she wonders if the superstitions her Aunt Lou holds are true. After finding a dog eared copy of the poem Goblin Market, she suspects that an old myth from the past lives on in the present. Handsome local Riley Mann distracts her from the strange goings on, but an encounter with a goblin man, Lorcan, changes everything. Will he be able to protect Lizzie from danger, and can she trust her heart to him?


Her Goblin Protector was an enjoyable quick read.  The story seemed to be more of an introduction to characters than an actual complete book, but was entertaining and captivating nonetheless.

Lizzie, a college graduate housesitting for her aunt finds herself spooked by peering eyes her first evening in the secluded home. Thereafter, she finds clues as to who or what was watching her through a classic novel she finds on her aunt's bookshelf.

Lorcan, a goblin, spotted Lizzie upon her arrival and knew in an instant she belonged to him.  He watched her through the window and even haunts her sleep before finally revealing himself during the climax of the tale.

It was a smooth read, descriptive and imaginitive.  There are more books in the Goblin series by this author which might have been better released as a compilation piece.