Saturday, February 5, 2011

Becca Dale, Untamable

Title: Untamable

Author: Becca Dale

Rating: Siren's Best Book Stone

Genre: Erotic Romance

Keywords: Erotic Scarlet Rosette

Page Count: 71

ISBN E-Book: d5865

Price: $3.00

Publisher: The Wilder Roses


Reviewer: Cia


Eight years ago Lily Swanson left Havashaw County with a broken heart. Now circumstances have brought her back to the cowboy who still drives her crazy. Seeing him again stirs erotic memories, but the pain of his betrayal refuses to be soothed with a sexy smile.

Lily left him. That inescapable fact drives Thor Hanson to succeed more than any other. Her return to Havashaw triggers anger, lust and regret, but when she reveals the truth behind her leaving, he's determined to rein her in and show her that what they have is more than a memory.

Neither can deny their passion, as untamable as the broncs Thor trains. But will it be enough, and can Thor convince Lily she's right where she belongs?


Untamable grabbed my attention by the title alone. Becca Dale really grabbed my attention with this hometown read. I enjoyed how packed this novella was and feeling as if I was there in the family and at the venue watching what was going on.

Poor Lily was dealt a hard blow at a young tender age that jaded her toward men and loving. At that age there was no way to discern ‘go away’ from ‘get the fuck away’ from a prideful hurt male. Thor I wanted to clobber. I love male pride in small doses; he did a whammy of a dose in the beginning and didn’t exactly learn from it.

When they met again, boy did those sparks fly enough to burn through my reader. I found myself thinking ‘oh my’, and waiting for flying parts or fists. Instead wouldn’t you know rage and hurt led into a hot sexual encounter.

Would he learn from his past or would he tempt fate again for the sake of pride?

Watching the two moving forward made my day. Throw in groupie females and the need for self reinvention and it can lead to disaster, unless you have the right woman at your side.

I loved Untamable and hearing Thor get handled by his boys into taming his woman. It fit. The man who wasn’t scared of anything was deathly afraid of losing his heart to someone who’d loved him forever.

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Thank you so much for your time and the lovely review. I am glad you enjoyed Untamable.