Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dakota Cassidy, Fangs of Anarchy: Book 2 Outlaw Alpha - Part 5 - Justified

Title:  Fangs of Anarchy: Book 2 Outlaw Alpha – Part 5 - Justified
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Mystery, Biker Gangs
Page Count:  47             
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Price:  .99
Publisher:  Self-Published 
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


Vampire Liam McConnell was inches away from striking a deal with Angus Sweeten, the foulest, scariest, evilest demon in the land, who holds the key to the synthetic blood Liam’s clan so desperately needs. But that was before Sweeten became sweet on a certain ex-werewolf-turned-vamp. Now the demon wants the impossible. A trade Liam can’t live with… 

The synthetic blood formula in exchange for Freya Ashe—Liam’s mate. 

With Freya’s ex-pack members calling for her head, a sly she-wolf on the prowl with her own agenda, half his clan turned against him and a shifty demon’s sights set on his mate, Liam will have to rely on his Fangs of Anarchy brothers to help get him and Freya—and maybe a few others—through the chaos alive. 

*Author note: Dear readers, this is part five of a five-part serial and not intended as a stand-alone read.


Justified – Part 5 is the conclusion to Fangs of Anarchy: Book 2 – Outlaw Alpha.  Justice is served up in this episode and readers get the HEA ending that followers of the series have been waiting on.

Episode four was a little slow with more relationship building than plot.  However, episode five makes up for it in spades.  Justified is non-stop action and plot resolution.  The answers to all the lingering questions are brought to light.  No spoilers here, read the story and enjoy the experience like I did.

Frey and Liam make a great vampire team.  Go team Freyum!  Dakota Cassidy’s sarcastic wit abounds throughout this final episode.  Freya became one of my favorite characters in the Fangs of Anarchy series because of her witty mouth.

If you are looking for a HEA vampire/werewolf romance series with humor and a great plot then be sure to check out the Fangs of Anarchy series.