Thursday, September 23, 2021

Dakota Cassidy, Carnage in a Pear Tree


Title:  Carnage in a Pear Tree (Marshmallow Hollow Mysteries Book 4)
Author:  Dakota Cassidy

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre:  Cozy Mystery

Keywords:  Witch, Hummingbird, Reindeer, Dog, Cat, Detective

ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, LLC

Price:  $4.99

Publisher:  Self-Published

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Reviewer:  Stacey Krug  


Welcome to Marshmallow Hollow, Maine, a holiday mystery, where it's all Christmas all the time and murder is hung by the chimney with care...

Hellooo! I'm at it again, and only a day after my last run-in with a killer!

Hobbs and I are growing closer and closer, but there always seems to be a mystery waiting for us just around the corner, nipping at our heels and thwarting our hot romance.

A very nice waiter named Joey Scarpetti, from the Marshmallow Hollow Ski Lodge is dead, and it happened in my backyard in my pear tree, no less. So what’s a girl to do but investigate?

On top of that, I catch Hobbs having coffee with a very stylish, flawlessly beautiful, natural blonde (hair envy here!), and I’m in a bit of a tizzy.

But when I have a gruesome vision of a young woman, so grief-stricken she wants to leave this plane forever, I know I have to find out if my vision is from a future event and if so, is there a way I can prevent a horrible tragedy?

All bets are off the table as I hunt for a killer and try and save a young woman’s life!


Carnage in a Pear Tree picks up right where One Corpse Open Slay ended. It was fun to be back in Marshmallow Hollow with such great characters. Halliday’s secret gets explored more by Hobbs and he has a lot to take in throughout the book. Readers are in for a treat as Hobbs has his own secret to reveal.

This story has a great plot and covers a hard-hitting topic. The pace and twists will keep you turning the pages. Carnage in a Pear Tree lets us enjoy some more of the townies and everyday life in Marshmallow Hollow. As always with this series, the main mystery is wrapped up by the end of the book so there are no cliff-hangers.

I think this book is pivotal to the series as the secrets revealed may shape their future together. Don’t miss out, read it now!

I received an ARC for an honest review.