Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jean Adams, Yesterday's Dreams

Title: Yesterday's Dreams

Author: Jean Adams

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Keywords: Champagne Rosebud, Spicy

Page Count: 290

ISBN E-Book: d2831

Price: $5.50

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Reviewer: Nikki


She was his strength—and his weakness.

Ten years ago, Emma Davenport gave her innocence to a blue-eyed bad boy guaranteed to break her heart. Little did she know, a teenage love would eternally haunt her dreams and change her life.

Now Kane Hunter’s back. With him comes a whirlwind of memories and unrequited dreams. He possesses the means to repair Emma's fractured world and guilt drives him to do all he can for the woman he’s never forgotten.

But when he learns he has a daughter, Kane confronts the one fear that all his success can’t negotiate. Will youthful passion become a reality, or will their love always remain yesterday’s dreams?


Sometimes the past doesn't stay buried, it comes back to haunt you. And when Kane came back, Emma knew it was time to face her past. But that meant unveiling a big secret, and letting go of her stubborn pride.

I thought this to be a very good book. There were a few things about the story that bugged me. The actions of both Kane and Emma. When the story wrapped up well, I let go of those irks. The story is jam packed with emotion, and the situation forced the two to rehash the past and decide what they were going to do.

Jean Adams creates a well written story about passion and second chances. If you enjoy the type of story that has you crying and laughing along with the characters, then let Yesterday's Dreams into your heart.

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