Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leanne Will, Elementally Yours: Playing with Fire

Title: Elementally Yours: Playing with Fire

Author: Leanne Will

Rating: Three And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Keywords: Spicy

Length: Novel

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-60394-463-2

Price: $5.99

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing


Reviewer: Nikki


It was never fun to wake up after being dead, but for Willow, it was a regular occurrence. How exactly do you explain to the hunky fire fighter that dragged your corpse from a burnt out of building that you’re not really dead? Even after 1000 years, Willow still didn’t have a good answer for that. It makes things even more awkward to have the conversation while standing in the morgue, wearing only a sheet! This time though, she knows she just might be in trouble.

Marcus Bennington, the hunky fire fighter in question, thinks he has a pretty open mind, but is not quite sure what to make of the naked beauty asking for his help to escape the morgue. Determined to get answers from the elusive woman, he helps spring her and refuses to budge from her side until she confesses all. When events take a turn for the worse and one of his best friends accidentally shoots Willow, they all get to see firsthand that Willow is not your normal girl next door.

Meanwhile, with a serial arsonist stepping up his game and killing women who look just like Willow and Marc’s amorous persuasion to contend with, Willow is having a hard time remembering why it’s better to avoid personal entanglements.

Rating: Spicy. The heroine is emaciated due to her 'rebirth' process.


How could the woman not be dead? For that matter, how could she be pulled from a burning building and not have any burns on her body? It's puzzling, bizarre. No one would ever believe it in a million years, and yet, there Marc was, staring in amazement and wondering. Then he's face to face with Willow, actually...talking to her? It's a strange world.

The premise of this is really intriguing, and the first chapter was definitely a catchy eye opener. However, fiction or not, paranormal or not, I did feel that Marc jumped the gun too soon in wanting to take Willow to bed. That is a bit beyond the realm of believability for me.

The author has created a unique plot and storyline that drew me in. The dialogue witty and fun, lots of suspense and intrigue. If you like paranormal reads, then you may want to check out Leanne Will's Playing with Fire. I enjoyed it and would look at other works by this author.

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