Our goals as an e-book review site are to bring the readers directly to the authors. Our reviewers are people who love the power of the written word, and want to show their appreciation of it in written format. We take books into our keeping, to then convey this passion in reviews and give them voice.

How our system works: after we have received the completed request forms, they are uploaded to a database where our readers pick and choose from a variety of genres. Once a title is chosen, the owner or administrator will contact the author or publisher, and ask for a copy of the PDF(s), where it is then forwarded to the reviewer.

If a reviewer didn't feel they enjoyed the book as much as someone else might, they have the choice to put the book back and move on to something else.  Review requests are kept for three-months, and if left untouched, are removed from the files.

Siren Book Reviews’philosophy behind this is that if a reviewer is allowed to choose a book that sounds interesting, rather than the site assigning them to reviewers, they will have a better time reading the book.

If you want to become a Siren reviewer, please e-mail us with REVIEWER in the subject line: sirenbookreviews@gmail.com


We love to read, and do it often. Imagine walking into a bookstore and seeing all the choices just begging for your attention, to consume every word, on every page. There are so many authors, genres you want to try; eyes browsing the shelves for all the possibilities.

This is what we provide our reviewers, a place to follow their reading where it will, much the same as a bookstore they would happen upon. Whether it be eighteenth century Ireland, or present day American with vampires running amok in every direction; we encourage our reviewers to try what they like, and give us their honest opinion based on what they have read. This is our goal at Siren Book Reviews.

- Since any reader can choose any book, we have put a system into place to try to give the fairest review possible. If they feel it below a rating of three, they are asked to put it back, and choose another project to work on.

- We realize that not every author will agree with our reviewer’s appraisal in some instances, but our company encourages their opinion and we do value it.Siren Book Reviews, unless under extreme circumstances, are very hesitant about removing a review because the author or publisher did not agree with their opinion;

1) In knowing that opinions will always vary, we ask that our reviewers do not comment on negative feedback that may result of their objectivity, whether it is on our blog or the various groups we run. We also ask for the same respect for our reviewers. Unfortunately, we cannot give everyone a glowing review, but we do strive for fairness.

- Our reviewers are asked to tell us what they thought, and these are some of the things they are suggested to consider while reading a book;

1) Did you like the editing, layout and cover? Was the editing; Great, Good, Poor? Please be aware that our reviewers do sometimes comment on things such as these.

2) Did the emotion of book pull at you, make you wonder, feel what the characters did?

3) If the book was romance, how did the relationship develop?

4) Horror, did it scare you?

- One of the most current issues in e-publishing is the uploading of books onto pirate sites. Please know thatSiren Book Reviews does not nor will ever tolerate the stealing of an author's work by one of our reviewers. If it is brought to our attention that a reviewer has posted a book onto a pirate site they received from us for review, the reviewer will be immediately terminated from Siren Book Reviews, and their name forwarded to the author for legal action.