Monday, July 26, 2010

Kate Davison, Tin Gods

Title: Tin Gods

Author: Kate Davison

Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Keywords: Crimson Rose

Page Count: 252

ISBN E-Book: 1-60154-740-4

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Reviewer: Nikki


Ancient artifacts. A vengeful assassin. A beautiful woman. For Section agent, Lucius Capri it's just another day on the job.

For Romy Douglass, the abandoned daughter of Florida millionaire, Miles Douglass, the jade and emerald idol is the last in a long line of similar gifts from her father. Dubbed by Romy as the Tin Gods, the statues are daily reminders of Miles’s failure as a father and her disappointment as a daughter—that is until the night they’re stolen and her house vandalized while she’s on a date with the sexiest man alive.

Lucius Capri thought his assignment for the covert government agency titled, the Section, would be a quick snatch and grab to reclaim the priceless South American artifacts stolen by Miles Douglass. Who knew from his first contact with his mark, Romy, that nothing about the case or his feelings for her would be business as usual? With the statues missing and the infamous assassin, El Lobizon, on their trail, Lucius must decide which is more important, closing the biggest case of his career or allowing himself to fully trust the woman he’s come to love.


Tin Gods was different than I’d expected. A good different, though.

I loved this book! Full of suspense, deceit, lies, and the loose ends coming together at the end, with answers to questions in my mind throughout the book. It was filled with plenty of action, heart-stopping suspense, and a blooming romance between the H/h.

Definitely an author to watch out for, if you love romantic suspense. The story is centred around some statues that people want to get their hands on, and it leads to the heroine finding out many things about her life.

With some twists and turns that I never saw coming, I give Tin Gods a definite thumbs up! I gotta read more by Kate Davison!

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