Monday, January 30, 2012

Kathryn R. Blake, Mortal Illusions

Title:  Mortal Illusions
Author:  Kathryn R. Blake
Rating:  Four Siren Stones

Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Vampire
Word Count:  198,234     
ISBN E-Book:  Available through Publisher and Kindle
Price:  $1.99
ISBN for Print:  978-1466493537
Price:  $14.99
Publisher:  New Concepts Publishing
Reviewer:  Rhonda J Callum-King

Desperate to keep her dying brother alive, Claire Daniels sets out to charm a powerful vampire into helping her save him. But winning Germaine St. Justine’s support will take more than Claire’s blood. It will cost her heart and soul.
This is the story of Claire and Germaine.  Germaine is a vampire from the age of the French Revolution who is still somewhat damaged by occurrences from the past.  Germaine was tortured during the revolution while his family was murdered and eventually, he was turned by his inquisitor.  This has left a mark on him and he has decided never to turn anyone.  Claire is the daughter of the last woman that Germaine loved and let grow old.  Claire's mother has just passed from cancer leaving the request that the two of them pair up.  This is the opening to Mortal Illusions. 

The book itself was an engaging easy read.  The story enjoyable and in parts even sad to the point of tears.  Watching Claire and Germaine work out their issues with each other and death at a few points became nearly painful.  Claire loses her mother and her brother, while Germaine relives losing his whole family, Claire's mother and eventually Claire.  However, personally I found Germaine to be far too autocratic.  He gives Claire orders constantly and expects absolute obedience without giving her any explanations as to why.  Of course then Claire disobeys and Germaine shuts her off for days to weeks at a time in a huff. 

Personally, I found this to be abusive behaviour and if I were Claire, would have run off in a heartbeat with his second in command Marcus.  Even Nick, while flighty, would have been more fun than Germaine.  So, while this was a good story, Germaine is not the vampire for me.  I look forward to reading the story of the Roman Marcus.  His quiet nobility struck me far more than Germaine's autocratic petulance.

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