Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sommer Marsden, Angry Sex

Title:  Angry Sex
Author:  Sommer Marsden
Rating:  Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Sub-Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Keywords:  HEA Ending, BDSM     
Word Count:  61,486          
ISBN E-Book:  978-1609826314
Price:  $6.99 
ISBN For Print:  978-1475067163
Price:  $15.50
Publisher:  Excessica
Reviewer:  Cia


Luna Watkins can’t remember feeling so stressed. Her teenage son Nick’s health issues are reemerging and her ex Ben wants to help but is just making ends meet with odd jobs. Her catering business is thriving but too hectic for her to handle, at least that’s what it feels like. Not to mention since she’s been divorced, she hasn’t dated much and has had sex even less. When Nick decides to visit his grandparents for the summer, Luna is devastated. And yet, she sees a chance to work through her anger and her angst. Maybe some time to feed her body, mind and soul knowing he’s well taken care of.

Enter Adam Singleton, her new, last minute server. Handsome, gruff Adam who’s working through his own anger.  Flirting turns to sparring. Sparring turns to angry sex—like therapy but naked. As time goes by and Luna and Adam become even more entangled, with their hardships and each other, the question becomes, does angry sex turn to more anger…or peace?

Warnings: This title contains sex while angry, consensual bdsm, explicit content, a handsome man with rapier wit.


In the beginning, I wanted to hate this story.  The title almost turned me away, but then as I began to get to know Luna a bit more and understand how helpless she felt with her son’s disease, I realized where the crux of her anger came from and that she needed an outlet to feel a sense of normalcy return to her 24/7 hectic life.

Adam is the perfect ying to her yang as he is going through a similar life changing event himself.  As a man he struggles to control his emotions while he is taking care of those who mean the most to him. Together they collide in a flurry of hot, mesmerizing dirty sex with BDSM aspects and kinky spanking.  Luna submits beautifully to this engaging man who needs to find peace while his world is continually crumbling.

Soon the feelings turn to more than just fucking and both sides must decide if they feel more.  With a set of nosey family members it’s no secret who they are cheering for.  Maybe if Luna chooses to let go a bit and enjoy the love of a good man, she will see that obsessing over what cannot be changed can free her from the chains she’s wrapped around herself.  Maybe if Adam can openly trust one woman he’ll realize he also doesn’t have to go through his situation alone.  It takes one smart teen to voice the solution.  Hopefully they will cede to how they feel and have a happily ever after.

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