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Dakota Cassidy, Polanski Brothers: Home of Eternal Rest Part One

Title:  Polanski Brothers: Home of Eternal Rest Part One
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Rating: Five Siren Stones
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Sub-Genre:  Paranormal Mystery
Keywords:  Vampires, Detective, Mystery/Suspense, Alpha Male
Page Count:  43           
ISBN E-Book:   Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Price:  .99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


Spencer Polanski is an embalmer at her family-owned funeral home. Perfect job for a vampire, really. Especially one who's sans a working schnoz. That’s right. She has a bum nose. A plus when preparing the dead for eternal slumber—a big fat zero when it comes to sniffing out your true life mate. 

Devoid her sense of smell, it’s business as usual when a clueless Spencer meets Larkin McBride. The detective's at Polanski’s to attend the wake of his best friend when he discovers something very unusual… 

He can hear Spencer’s every thought. 

Her every vampire thought. 

So what’s “Detective McYummy” to do when the luscious Miss Polanksi’s thoughts are consumed by the body count in her sleepy town…and the possibility that the murderer could be one of her own kind? 

*Author note: Dear readers, Please note, if you recognize this title, this book, originally published in 2006, is a rerelease and has been updated, revised and expanded. Second, 
This is part one of approximately a four-part serial. You know what that means? That’s right—cliffhangers (cue evil music). But wait! Before you hate, I hear anticipation is good for your complexion, and even your hair. I don’t know if that’s true or just a rumor, but is it worth the risk? Nonetheless, I solemnly swear to keep the stories coming swiftly, so your heads don’t asplode from waiting!


A different twist on the vampire archetype.  The Polanski family is a family of vampires that runs a funeral home.  They have strict rules to live by.  They do not bite humans, they are not allowed to have sex until they find their mate, and everyone in the family has found their mate by using their sense of smell.

This really puts Spencer Polanski in a tight spot because she has no sense of smell.  She fears that she will forever, and forever for a vampire is a long time, be alone.  It’s hard to meet other vampires when you are the only embalmer in the family business.  There’s not much hope of a vacation or time off.  However, Spencer is always on duty at the funeral home which is where she runs into Detective Larkin McBride.  It just so happens that Detective McBride can read Spencer’s thoughts. 

Spencer is a funny and strong female character.  Larkin McBride is the alpha male detective out for answers.  Their dialogue is witty and funny.

Polanski Brothers Home of Eternal Rest Part One is a serial story.  Other parts will release within a few weeks of each other.  This first part was a great introduction to the family and major players in the story.  Dakota Cassidy set the ground work for what I thought so far was a funny paranormal mystery with the hopes of some romance.

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