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Dakota Cassidy, Witch Slapped (Witchless in Seattle Mysteries Book 1)

Title:  Witch Slapped (Witchless In Seattle Mysteries Book 1)
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Rating: Siren's Best Book Stone
Genre:  Paranormal Mystery
Keywords:  Witches, Medium, Spy, Afterlife, Seattle, Cotton Bat, Witchless in Seattle Mysteries
Page Count:  190             
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital   
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug


"Oh, good. Not a problem. I'll invoke the Gods of Pilates. I'm sure they'd be happy to help. Hang on just one sec while I dial them up. Oh, wait. I can't. Know why I can't? Because my hands are tied behind my back with zip ties, Win!"

A rib-tickling cozy mystery complete with an ex-witch, a dead British spy, a cotton ball bat and a cast of suspects that will keep you guessing right up to the end! Witch Slapped from USA Todaybestselling author Dakota Cassidy is book one in her new cozy mystery series Witchless In Seattle. Join the hunt for a murderer with Stevie, Winterbottom, and Belfry in a race against time as the local police prepare an eight by ten cell for our intrepid ex-witch.

What's a girl to do when she's a broke, shunned ex-witch with a very tiny, very hungry bat familiar named Belfry to feed?

Hello. My name is Stevie Cartwright, and I've been witchless for thirty days.

If only there was a support group for down-on-their-luck ex-witches who've had their powers slapped right out of them (literally). Just as I was licking my wounds after returning to my hometown of Ebenezer Falls, WA, and navigating my suddenly non-magical existence with the help of my familiar, the only friend I have left in the world--things got sticky.

Enter an ex-spy and newly departed spirit named Winterbottom, who's infiltrated my life with his sexy British accent and a couple of requests...

Thanks to Belfry's successful attempt to use me as a human antenna to the afterlife, I can somehow hear Win. I should be ecstatic; helping departed souls used to be my witch specialty. It's like I got the teensiest piece of my old life back. Except Win's dropped me right at a dead woman's feet.

Madam Zoltar, the town's beloved fake medium, has been murdered, and Win wants me to catch the killer.

My old life won't be worth much if it gets me whacked before my new life has barely begun--and that seems to be exactly what the killer has planned!

Content Notes: This cozy mysteries women sleuths series has a complete cast of oddball characters from witches to ghosts and bats to psychics. Witchless In Seattle Mysteries is a spin-off of Dakota Cassidy's popular A Paris, Texas Romance Series.


This was a fabulous paranormal mystery story.  I loved the characters, setting, and plot.  Stevie Cartwright is a character from the Texas Romance Series, but fear not if you have not met her before in your reading.  Dakota Cassidy properly introduces Stevie in her very own series and you will love her. 

Stevie ran into a bit of bad luck and a bad warlock in Paris, Texas.  She came home to Seattle to lick her wounds and try to make a new life for herself.  Unfortunately, she is without all her witch powers.  Fortunately, her little side kick/familiar Belfry, the cotton bat, came with her.  I love Belfry and immediately had to look up cotton bats on the internet.  They are so cute!

Belfry acts as her go between to the afterlife and brings Stevie to Winterbottom.  Winterbottom claims he is a spy and just happens to be dead.  He needs Stevie’s help to solve a murder and offers her so much more in return.

The plot moves forward at a great pace and the dialogue between characters had me cracking up.  Ebenezer Falls, WA is filled with some fun characters that liven up the tale.  As a reader, you will be on the edge of your seat as Stevie falls further and further into the thick of the mystery.

Dakota Cassidy chose Seattle as the setting and her descriptions had me wanting to curl up on Stevie’s bed with a book and that incredible view.  I’m seriously jealous of a fictional character right now!

Witch Slapped is Book 1 in the series, but you are getting a complete book.  The plot line plays out and the story is almost completely wrapped up.  There are a few questions left unanswered to bring you back for more, but no cliff-hanger making you want to pull your hair out.

I highly recommend Witch Slapped (Witchless In Seattle Mysteries Book 1).  You won’t be disappointed. 

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