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Dianna Love, Dragon King Of Treoir: The Belador Series Book Eight

Title:  Dragon King Of Treoir: The Belador Series Book Eight
Author:  Dianna Love
Rating:  Siren's Best Book Stone
Genre:  Paranormal Fiction
Sub-Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Dragon, Beladors, Immortals, Medb, Witches, Gryphons, Demi-God, Goddesses, Demons 
Page Count:  344                
ISBN Print Book:  978-1940651781
Price:  $12.41
ISBN E-Book:  1940651786
Price: $4.99
Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press LLC
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug  


The Treoir dragon holds the fate of the Beladors in one hand ... and his own in the other.

The Beladors finally have a true leader in Daegan, their new dragon king, but life is far from secure now that they've inherited his enemies. As their Maistir, Vladimir Quinn played a risky role in freeing the dragon from the lair of their enemy, the Medb. Quinn now faces a heavy price for his part. The Medb queen is out for blood. Vigilante killings erupt among Atlanta's secret preternatural community and all fingers point to the Beladors.  The dragon king has his first real test as a ruler when he has to choose between protecting his people and entering a hostile realm full of deities capable of killing a dragon.  But as a two-thousand-year-old warrior, Daegan has never shied away from any battle.  Quinn, Evalle, Storm and friends race to discover who is trying to turn the entire VIPER coalition against the Beladors before war breaks out. With the clock also ticking down for Quinn, who has been ordered to hand over Kizira's body to the Medb queen, Daegan reveals an even greater reason to prevent the queen from using necromancy on the body beyond the secrets Quinn protects.  

Freedom is never free. Not when the powerful gods and goddesses poised to decide Quinn's fate see an opportunity to also destroy a threat to their existence - the last dragonshifter.


Dianna Love is the master of subplots!  There is so much going on in this book.  Dragon King Of Treoir is action-packed paranormal fiction sprinkled with romance, mystery, intrigue, and suspense.
You would think by the title that this was going to be all about Daegan the Dragon King, but it is so much more.  The main plot picks up from book seven and continues Quinn’s journey.  Dianna Love cleverly introduces a new character into the mix at the beginning that plays a vital role in this story and hopefully stories to come.  Then we are treated to all the subplots and machinations going on in the periphery of the main storyline.  Between the Medb, Macha, Dakkar, Evalle, Storm, Adrianna, Isak, Quinn, the new character Reese, and the new threat to everyone’s existence there is no slowing down once you pick this book up and start reading.

This book does not have as much of a romance undertone to it as past books.  There seemed to be more action and maneuvering of characters.  Dragon King Of Treoir is setting up the next part of Dianna’s series by putting all the characters out there and defining their roles in the war to come.  Dianna Love set up the characters in a way that gave us several stories going on simultaneously.  It was very intriguing and engaging!

If you are just new to The Belador Series, then start from the beginning so you can experience the journey as the author intended.  If you are a fan of the series, then don’t miss this installment or you will be lost for what is to come.

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