Friday, September 14, 2018

Dianna Love, Treoir Dragon Hoard, The Belador Series Book 10

Title:  Treoir Dragon Hoard, The Belador Series: Book 10  
Author:  Dianna Love
Rating:  Siren's Best Book Stone
Genre:  Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction
Keywords:  Dragon, Skinwalker, Magic, Preternatural Beings, The Belador Series
Page Count:  317                
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services
Price:  $4.99
ISBN Print:  978-1940651644
Price:  $14.99
Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press, LLC
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug  


New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love's Beladors are back with Evalle, Storm, the dragon king and allies, all ready to face a conflict no one saw coming. 

Two thousand years ago, someone stole the king's treasure from Daegan's father. An unexpected enemy uses this hoard to set Daegan on a path to his ultimate demise by dangling the one bait everyone knows the dragon king can't ignore--protecting one of his own.

While racing to help a friend, Evalle lands in a trap where she's given the unimaginable choice to either destroy her dragon king or condemn everyone she loves to die. Even her Skinwalker mate, Storm, has no way to track her this time.

Friendships and allies are tested as Atlanta erupts with preternatural exposure. Who will join Storm and Daegan to go where even a dragon has no chance of survival? With the enemy willing to gamble everything to take down Daegan, Evalle accepts her destiny, but on her terms. She never wants anyone to see what she's become, especially Storm.

Destiny is not a choice, but a summons. The hourglass favors no one.


The Belador Series keeps getting better and better.  Each book brings new layers of plots, sub-plots, and schemes to the forefront. Dianna Love knows how to weave a story into a series that can keep going with characters that are engaging both to the heart and mind.

Treoir Dragon Hoard is book 10 in The Belador Series.  We learn more about Daegan’s past and how it has shaped who he has become.  Lots of favorite characters are back on stage in this book as they come together and clash while trying to find their missing friend.  Will they be enough to overcome the evil they face?

Don’t miss reading this book.  There are plenty of surprises both good and bad that will keep you turning the pages late into the night.  I absolutely loved it!

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