Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dakota Cassidy, Witch Way Did He Go? (Witchless in Seattle Mysteries Book 8)

Title:  Witch Way Did He Go? (Witchless in Seattle Mysteries Book 8)
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Rating:  Siren's Best Book Stone
Genre:  Cozy Mystery, Mystery
Keywords:  Witch, Spy, Ghost, Cotton Bat, Turkey, Dog,
Page Count:  186                
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services, LLC
Price:  $4.99
Publisher:  Self-Published
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug  


It’s me again, Stevie Cartwright. Powerless ex-witch, pseudo medium, and amateur sleuth, reporting to you live from the case of the missing ex-British spy turned ghost/quite possibly one of the most important people to ever become a part of my life.

You read that right. As Win and I and all the gang were busy planning our big Thanksgiving bash, he suddenly disappeared (right in the middle of telling me what a Philistine I am for even suggesting Cheez Whiz and crackers), and it’s as if he never existed.

Poof—he’s just gone! No one can find him, not even Arkady, our ghostly pal and confidant on Plane Limbo.

If I ever needed to make good use of everything my British spy ever taught me about sleuthing, it’s right now. But I run into roadblock after roadblock until I’m almost sure all hope is lost, and I’ll never hear his voice again.

Worse, how will I ever live with myself if I never get the chance to tell him how I feel?


This is what fans of the Witchless in Seattle series have been waiting for!  Without giving too much away and spoiling your adventure this book was amazing! 

Book eight will run you through an emotional gamut.  I wept through the last half of the book.  The anger at Stevie’s coven and leader was palpable.  I was going crazy hysterical in my head during the climax and confrontation near the end.  However, the author left me in a pleasant haze with a hopeful future.

Witch Way Did He Go? is book eight and of course part of a series meant to be read in order.  Readers will feel lost without reading the previous books which add the background and relationship building needed to feel emotionally connected to these characters.

I cannot wait to see what Dakota Cassidy has in store for future stories involving Stevie, Win, Arkady, and Bel!

Kudos to Dakota Cassidy’s cover artist, Renee George, the cover art on this series is absolutely beautiful!

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