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Dianna Love, Scent Of A Mate: League Of Gallize Shifters

Title:  Scent Of A Mate: League Of Gallize Shifters 
Author:  Dianna Love
Rating:  Five Siren Stones  
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Gallize Shifters, Tiger, Cougar, League of Gallize Shifters
Page Count: 278                
ISBN E-Book:  Amazon Digital Services LLC 
Price:  $2.99
Print ISBN: 978-1940651064
Price:  $13.99 
Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press LLC 
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


Gan never wanted to be a shifter and now he's got a monster Siberian Tiger inside of him. He's spent his whole life as a prisoner. This is no different. The minute he convinces the happens, Gan plans to vanish and live in a wilderness, leaving shifters behind forever, because he'll have control of the crazy tiger. He gets his chance at freedom by hiding the fact that his animal is still insane. All he has to do is keep his tiger buttoned down long enough to observe on a mission and pay back a debt he owes to a sexy cougar shifter. That might have worked perfectly if Gan's heart hadn't fallen victim to the female running the mission ... and if his tiger hadn't busted loose.

As a cougar shifter, Scarlett spends most of her days rescuing female shifters from predators. She has no intention of calling in the marker Gan owes her until she needs a rogue to help her save an innocent from powerful people she's avoided her whole life. Unlike the other Gallize, an angry Gan has no problem breaking a few rules, and she's seen the true man inside who will protect a vulnerable innocent. She had a sound plan, one that would cost only her if things went bad, until that crazy tiger shifter destroyed any hope of walking away from him. When Gan and Scarlett face impossible odds, each of them must put the one thing they hold most dear on the line to protect the other.


I loved Scarlett’s sassy inner beast.  Scarlett is serious and sticks to her plans which made, Chica, her cougar that much more comical.  Chica made me laugh out loud several times with her antics.

Gan and his tiger are constantly fighting for supremacy and have no idea how to work together as a team.  Gan spent most of his life as a slave and doesn’t want to be a slave to his beast or anyone else ever again.   

In Scent Of A Mate, Scarlett and Gan must work together to save the ones they love.  Neither one trusts easily, and Gan’s past traumas keep coming out in heartbreaking ways.  Dianna Love is a master at character development.  This book had me crying and laughing.

Each book in the League Of Gallize Shifters can be read as a stand alone, but you will encounter characters from previous books that will entice you to read them all.

I received and ARC for an honest review.

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