Friday, December 23, 2011

Desiree Holt, Bedroom Eyes

Title:  Bedroom Eyes
Author:  Desiree Holt
Rating:  Siren's Best Book Stone

Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Keywords:  Navy SEAL, Masked Ball, Skin Deep Series 
Length:  Short Novel     
ISBN E-Book:  978-1419935725
Price:  $5.20
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Reviewer:  Cia

Part of the Skin Deep series.

Bridget Reilly has lived her entire life using dark glasses to hide her deformed eyelids. But she also hides her real self, working a dead-end job and locking herself away from any social life. In secret she lusts for her next-door neighbor, Navy SEAL Clay Randall, a lust unexpectedly fed during an electrical blackout.

When a masked ball provides the opportunity for her to have an entire night of glorious, unrestrained, erotic sex with Clay, how can she ignore it? The night more than exceeds all her expectations and now she wants to find a way to have a real relationship with him, without the mask. She applies to the Durban Trust, a fund set up by a former movie star to provide plastic surgery, and the surgery is successful. But what she hadn’t counted on was Clay’s reaction when she revealed all to him—and the wedge it would drive between them.

Bedroom Eyes by Desiree Holt led me into a heartfelt story of a young woman struggling with self-image caused by the cultivation of years of cruel words, looks and the way people react to disfigurement.  Bridget deserves her shinning night and no one was happier than I when she found a way to live her life’s greatest desire even if she went about it in an underhanded way.  I both understood her need for her faceless identity and felt sad that she couldn’t trust Clay with her secret need to hide herself away.  I loved the foundation that helped her and the words of wisdom that came her way that all might not turn out as she planned.
Clay grabbed me from the start.  I love those who protect our country and he was a top of the line perfect hero for this heroine, even though she didn’t see it at the time.  I knew deep down what she considered her disfigurement wouldn’t have made him turn from her.  I’d loved to have seen him hold her hand during the procedure and to know that there’s more to love than what’s physical.  Their connection in that one night of passion and their reconnection proved that chemistry is based on just more than what can be seen with the bare eye.  Lord for a moment I thought he wouldn’t forgive her and my heart just plummeted.  This story made me cry, made me laugh and exhausted me, but it’ll be a memorable one.  I can’t wait to read the next instalment of the Skin Deep series.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I loved writing this book and even shed a few tears myself while writing it.