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Rhiannon Hartley, Falling for Fangs (Crowley Lake Chronicles Book 1)

Releases June 27, 2022

Title: Falling for Fangs (Crowley Lake Chronicles Book 1)
Author: Rhiannon Hartley

Rating: Five Siren Stones

 Genre: Paranormal Romance

Keywords: Vampire, Warlock, Witch, Shifter, Magic, Hex

Page Count: 415                


Price: $0.99

ISBN Print: 979-8832489094

Price: $16.99

Publisher: Self-Published


Reviewer:  Stacey Krug 


He’s a creature afraid of commitment. She’s a workaholic with no time for men. When catastrophe sinks in its teeth, will misfortune turn into passion?

Big-city vampire Maxwell Davidson is on the run. After a witch struck him with a terrible curse, the party-loving poker player has fled the bright lights for the sanctity of the quiet Australian oasis of Crowley Lake. But when the mega-millionaire buys the grandest property in town, the closing handshake accidentally transfers his supernatural plague to the beautiful real estate agent.

Chloe Bloom has zero space in her diary for dating. Putting her career goals before anything else, the last thing she needs is to get caught up in the charming new American’s witchy weirdness. But as they’re thrown together to find an antidote, she can’t deny their sizzling attraction…

Longing to return to the glitz and glamor, Maxwell is shocked when growing feelings make him reconsider what he really wants. And as Chloe lets her hair down around the blood-sucking charmer, she fears she isn’t ready to dive headfirst into a majorly mystical embrace.

With their red-hot chemistry starting to bite, will the playboy and the realtor discover their eternal forever?

Falling for Fangs
 is the first book in the light-hearted Crowley Lake Chronicles paranormal romance series. If you like witty dialogue, characters who feel like real people, and slow-burn steam, then you’ll adore Rhiannon Hartley’s laugh-out-loud tale.

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Great beginning book to what looks like a promising series with fun characters set in a unique town. Falling for Fangs is a paranormal romance with the paranormal part still being hidden from most of the population. Crowley Lake is set in Australia so be prepared for some quirky terms and phrases from that country.

The two main characters are polar opposites, but then the saying that opposites attract completely applies to Maxwell Davidson and Chloe Bloom. Maxwell is a care-free playboy that would like nothing better than to play poker and hang out with his friends. That all changes when he meets Chloe. She’s a workaholic that sets extremely aggressive goals for herself. Their relationship is one of slow-burning desire that ignites a fire the more they get to know one another.

I really enjoyed Maxwell and Chloe’s journey. Falling for Fangs is a complete story with no cliff-hangers. The town of Crowley Lake is filled with some interesting characters that will have me coming back to visit.

I received an ARC for an honest review.  

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