Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Evanne Lorraine, A Very Demon Christmas

Title:  A Very Demon Christmas
Author:  Evanne Lorraine
Rating:  Four And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: BDSM
Sub-Genre: Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Demons, BDSM Theme and Elements, Exhibitionism, Spanking
Length:  Short Novel       
ISBN E-Book:  978-1-61118-679-6
Price:  $5.99
Publisher:  Loose Id 
Reviewer:  Ashleigh

Tagline: Sexy Demon Hunters fighting his mating urge for the one woman he is afraid to take, it’s hot enough to melt your e-reader.

(Demon Hunters Series)

Holly loves her job as a private nurse, but the ill and injured offer little chance to explore her secret longings, especially not for a submissive seeking a master worth risking her heart. When she braves the exclusive La Ceinture Noir, a mysterious dom takes charge of her. She never sees his face, but she’ll never forget his powerful mastery.

Demon hunter Colin avoids the sweetly submissive nurse next door because she doesn’t deserve to be drawn into his nightmare world. No one does. All he has to offer her is pain and heartbreak. He damn near trips over his own tongue when he spots her in red lace lingerie at the club. After a too brief interlude with the enchanting little slave, he comes to his senses, and alters her memory of their encounter before leaving.

But there’s more to Holly than he suspects. For openers, she’s immune to his mind games. He can’t erase her memories without serious damage and he can’t bear to hurt her. The more she learns about him, the greater her jeopardy. How can he keep her safe through a very demon Christmas?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play, BDSM theme and elements (including/not limited to: exhibitionism, spanking), sex while in non-human form.


     Holly Anderson has always felt different, a little too round in the hips, too open and willing to care for those that others wouldn’t, whatever it was Holly was an outsider.  For the most part this was just something that made her life a little sad and kind of lonely, but after meeting Colin Donahue that loneliness was even more so.  Holly knows there is a reason that she is drawn to him, but she just can’t put her finger on it.  After an impromptu trip to La Ceinture Noire the blindfold has been lifted from her eyes and the lonely life that Holly had hated before is a thing from the past.

     Colin Donahue craves his neighbor Holly, but he can’t have her.  Colin has a secret, something that could put Holly in real danger if he got too close to her, so he stays as far from her as possible to keep his feelings in check.  After a harmless neighborly act, he sees Holly changing and all his good intentions are out the window.  Will another night at La Ceinture Noire make him forget her or will this night bring both of them just what they were looking for?

     I had my doubts about this book, but after getting into the characters and the simple yet poignant writing that Evanne Lorraine brings to the table, I have been proven wrong.  I truly felt for Holly and Colin and hoped from the first meeting that these two would find a way to be together.  In the end I was happy with the way things worked out, and felt that Ms. Lorraine made sure that there were little to no loose ends with the story.  The sex was incredibly hot, but didn’t make the story too tawdry.  There was a nice balance between the sexual aspect and the story line, and even though this is considered a shorter story, at only 128 pages, the plot line didn’t feel rushed and it seemed that the characters really directed the story instead of the author forcing a plot to characters.  I will definitely be looking for more works by Evanne Lorraine in the future; she has made my paranormal readings a broader spectrum with authors I like.

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