Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mia Downing, Exceeding Boundaries

Title:  Exceeding Boundaries
Author:  Mia Downing
Rating:  Four Siren Stones

Genre:  Erotic Romance 
Keywords:  Scarlet Rose
Page Count:  119       
ISBN E-Book:  978-1-61217-280-4  
Price:  $2.50
Publisher:  The Wilder Roses
Reviewer:  Ashleigh


Lawyer Megan Connors wants a man, one that will wine her, dine her, and help her to forget the pain of a date rape she experienced as a teen. Her boss, Adam Wentworth, is just the man--tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed, and a confirmed player. He's perfect for a weekend of non-committal sex that will entice her inner woman out to play for good. So Megan devises a plan for seduction, one that will lure Adam into her arms.

Adam has been attracted to Megan since day one, but his preference for dominance and her fragile air kept him at bay. Megan's kiss under forgotten mistletoe is just the fuel his lust needs to exceed the boundaries she once put in place. He's game, but he wants more than a weekend with the vulnerable yet sexy Megan.

When the weekend is over, will Megan allow the past to keep her bound or can Adam convince her she's strong enough to submit?


Megan Connors is scheming to get the guy of her fantasies, and she is willing to act the part of whatever he wants to get him into her as soon as possible.  But what happens when the player you thought you were seducing turns out to be the Dom who wants more than just your body, he wants your heart as well?  Can Megan get beyond her burning secrets to get the guy who has owned her from the beginning or will her past be too much to overcome for these two budding lovers?

Adam Wentworth has wanted Megan since the first day he saw her walking down the hall.  Having suffered the worst tragedy of his life a mere two years ago guarding his heart has been priority one, but with Megan all the rules are being thrown out the window.  When a searing kiss and a dare brings these two together, fireworks explode the more they come together, and Adam is finding it harder and harder to walk away from her each day.  But can he help her work past her fears or will he have to put it all on the line and hope that she feels the same way as him?  Will making the ultimate sacrifice be worth the risk of heartache in the end?

This was a great story, not only was the sex amazingly hot, but the characters were real and easy to love.  The story of Megan and Adam was one filled with real emotions and mixed signals from the first page.  The horrible pasts of these two characters made them come to life on the page, and with that the story flowed so well that it ended far too quickly.  I haven’t read too many books by Mia Downing, but this one was grade A-mazing and it is a definite reread for me.  If you are looking for a great love story with some naughty good times in the sack thrown in for good measure than this is the book for you!

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