Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Denysé Bridger, Jaded Hearts

 Title:  Jaded Hearts
Author:  Denysé Bridger
Rating:  Five Siren Stones

Genre:  Erotic Fiction
Keywords:  Quickie, Moderne 
Word Count:  8200        
ISBN E-Book:  978-1419939938
Price:  $1.49
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave 
Reviewer:  Stacey Krug

Tagline:  Two lovers face a truth neither of them has considered—their passion is more than intense attraction


Protected federal witness Carlos D’Alejandro and Special Agent Jade Lazlow–Whinton have had a relationship of convenience over the years. Jade’s retired, but when her estranged husband needs her, he uses her attachment to the enigmatic Carlos to lure her back into the field. When she recovers from near-fatal wounds and discovers the deceit, she goes to the one man who will never lie to her. Carlos.

The idyllic Pacific island paradise D’Alejandro calls home is the stuff of fantasy, but it isn’t long before reality knocks on the door and shatters their peace. The news is grim. People they loved have been killed, and these two unlikely lovers are forced to face a truth neither of them has been willing to examine too closely—that their passion is more than intense attraction.


Jaded Hearts is one of those stories that you can’t put down until the last page.  It is filled with intrigue and deceit that will have you turning the pages.  This short story packs a huge punch.

From Denysé Bridger’s descriptions, I could almost feel the breeze and smell the ocean.  I was right there on the balcony with Carlos and Jade.  I really don’t want to give any of the story highlights away because I enjoyed having it unfold before me and so will you.  I will say that I loved the mystery that is Carlos, and wish that we could have gotten to know him better.  Jaded Hearts focuses on a specific time frame and events but we get glimpses of the past.  Carlos is a character that you just know led an interesting life.

Then there is Jade our heroine of the story that is strong, smart, hard, and human.  She’s made mistakes, been used, and fallen in and out of love.  Jade wants what everyone wants, to feel safe and loved.  Her path keeps leading her to the one man that has been a stable constant in her crazy life as a special agent.  As a reader, I was rooting for her to find peace and love.

Jade and Carlos together light up the pages with their love scenes.  Ms. Bridger writes the scenes so that even though we are just meeting them, it’s easy to see they have a long history together.  It made the love scenes seem even more intimate.

Carlos and Jade have so much history that it’s clouding their future.  Will they be able to overcome their pasts to see what is right in front of them?  I recommend you read their story and find out. 

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