Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lelani Black, Going Greek

Title: Going Greek

Author: Lelani Black

Rating: Three And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Erotic Contemporary

Keywords: Scarlet Miniature Rose

Page Count: 127

ISBN E-Book: d5957

Price: $3.75

Publisher: The Wilder Roses


Reviewer: Cia


Lingerie model Marigold Laurent arrives in Greece for a much-needed vacation from work and the sweet-talking man who broke her heart. Fate and the machinations of her well-meaning sister ensure that she collide with tall, dark and luscious Dmitri Damianos, forcing her no-men policy right out the window. But can he give her more than one-and-done?

Wealthy entrepreneur, Dmitri, guards his emotions well. And while he wants everything Marigold has to offer--beauty, wit, charm, and the best sex of his life--he can't give her what she really needs. But when the red-hot beauty climbs out of his bed and possibly out of his life, can he let her go?


Going Greek by Lelani Black took place in a mesmerizing setting. I immediately loved the sisterly banter that flew between Marigold and Jasmine. When Jasmine and Stravos are otherwise occupied, Marigold is left in solitude to make sense of her life and what’s led her to her current state of affairs. Stravos’ brother Dmitri affects her on a level she’s not ready for. She thinks she wants a commitment and he’s only willing to give her a small piece of himself.

I thought the story was charming. The pacing felt off for a love story that was filled with more fantasies than actual bond building and non-consistent communication that comes with a loving and nurturing relationship. While the sex was red hot and I loved every part of it. I didn’t feel that anything was showed more than a fleeting physical attraction between the two. Maybe if there’d been deeper layers with the two of them I would have. Still it was a nice read to sit back and enjoy. I just wish I’d gotten to know what made Dmitri tick and more into the personality of Marigold that wasn’t tied into her ex.

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