Monday, August 23, 2010

Title: Despite the Ghosts

Author: Dylan Newton

Rating: Three And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Fantasy

Keywords: Faerie, Faery Rose

Page Count: 296 pages

ISBN For Print: 978-1610547699

ISBN E-Book: d4170

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Reviewer: Nikki


For spirit medium and parapsychology professor Nola Richards, love is as dead as the ghosts she communicates with. Then one spirit’s cryptic message on her shower door forces her out of the paranormal and into the arms of his hot bachelor brother—business tycoon and complete skeptic Parker Sebastian. As if dealing with funeral arrangements, an ugly internal audit and his greedy step-family weren’t enough, Parker’s newest problem arrives in a gorgeous, if eccentric, package. After hearing Nola’s “message from beyond,” Parker knows two things: he wants her…and she’s a con artist somehow responsible for his brother’s death. To help this restless ghost, Nola must overcome Parker’s disbelief. Although sexual energy crackles between them, she knows corporation and meditation don’t mix. It’ll take more than spirit interference and otherworldly signs to make their romance work, Despite the Ghosts.


A story where the heroine communicates with ghosts, definitely my kind of read! The opening begins with a good pace and kept me going.

The part I had the most difficulty with was that it's written in first person, and it took me a few chapters to realize that the point of views changed. That's when I noticed that it said right next to the chapter 1, 2, etcetera, the name of the person the point of view was in. I had to pay attention each time a new chapter started so I knew.

The heroine and hero meet when a ghost seeks out Nola (the heroine) and she finds out that it's the brother of Parker (hero). What a fun scene when she goes to his workplace to speak to him!

While I did enjoy this thrilling story, I think I might have liked it more if it were written in the third person. Don't let that stop you from reading this though, because Despite the Ghosts it is filled with mystery, suspense, secrets, and scenes that make you laugh, and it keeps you guessing until the end.

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