Monday, August 23, 2010

Terry Odell, Nowhere to Hide

Title: Nowhere to Hide

Author: Terry Odell

Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Keywords: Thriller, Crimson Rose

Page Count: 314 pages

ISBN For Print: 978-1601547675

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Reviewer: Nikki


The trouble with running away is you take yourself with you. After a case goes south, Colleen McDonald leaves her police job in Oregon for a fresh start as a civilian in Orlando. The last thing she needs is some cop with killer blue eyes coming around, looking for her missing landlord. The quickest way to get Deputy Graham Harrigan out of her life is to beat him at his own game. Finding Jeffrey Walters might be Graham's ticket to a slot in the Criminal Investigations Division. Determined to prove he's the man for the job despite the stain of an unsavory reputation passed down by his training partner, he can't afford to be distracted by the pretty tenant in Walters' guest house. A tenant who seems to know more about the case than he does. A tenant with her own demons. Will Colleen's secrets destroy Graham's chances for a promotion, or will love make theirs a permanent partnership?


From the first page, Nowhere To Hide had me hooked. With a woman hiding from her haunting past, a missing man, a landlord who is mysterious and forgetful, and a cop who asks a lot of questions.

The inner conflict with the heroine and the surrounding suspense make for a chilling, suspenseful read. It left me guessing until the end, and has a perfect blend of romance and intrigue. Fast paced, energetic, and full of mystery; fans of romantic suspense should not miss out on this one.

Terry Odell is another author to add to my buy list. I found this to be a highly enjoyable, satisfying read.


Terry Odell said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to review Nowhere to Hide. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Terry's Place
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Nikki said...

You're welcome, Terry. Looking forward to reading more of your work