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Marion Webb De Sisto Visits Today: Psychic Attackes

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Have you ever given any thought to how you can protect yourself against being attacked? Perhaps you have taken training in one of the martial arts, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, or Judo? Or maybe you are skilled in boxing or wrestling? Although I hold an intense dislike of aggression and violence, I can understand the merit of being able to defend oneself and to subdue an attacker. However, my focus in this article is not centered on a physical assault, but rather on that which comes from another level. Sometimes known as a psychic attack, it can either be caused by the ill wishes and negative energy directed at you by someone else or be emanating from unseen forces. This may sound a little ‘off the wall,’ but bear with me. No one was, or is, more sceptical than me, but over the years I have had to accept that paranormal events do happen even though my logical thinking tells me they cannot.

First, I shall address the harm that comes from another person. Within the human experience it is quite possible to gain enemies or those who feel unkindly toward you. A former friend may have become an opponent; a neighbor may have issues with you over something. Such people are harboring negative thoughts about you and some could even be hoping bad luck will occur in your life. They may verbalize to others their dislike of you or tell you, face-to-face, that you deserve misfortune. Their thoughts and words are directing negativity toward you. Other folk might be jealous because in their perception you have something they do not possess. They may not express to you or others their feelings of envy, but they exist in their thoughts and, therefore, are generating negativity in your direction.

Although this is less likely to happen, you might fall victim to the destructive intentions of an adversary who is well-able to focus and inflict their harmful desires. This type of person is skilled in sending injurious energy to whomsoever they choose. They know “form follows thought” and that the ill will they propel will manifest as some type of adversity in their target’s life. They will usually incorporate the use of ritual, incantations and/or a helper. The latter may come in the form of a crystal, a symbol, a herb or wild plant, or an item that was originally a part of physical life, such as a bone, a tooth, or a feather. They might also call upon the help of what they believe is a powerful ally. This will possibly be a dark entity, an ancient god or goddess, or even an ancestor. Whatever aides they employ adds enhancement to their purpose.

How will you know if you are under attack from another person? The symptoms might be similar to those experienced when unwell. Sudden pains in the body, severe headaches, or feeling repeatedly nauseous are some examples. Of course, such problems should always be brought to the attention of your doctor, but when a physical cause has been ruled out, give consideration to negative energy being aimed at you. Another indication could be a sudden fall. You did not trip over anything and it felt as though someone pushed you. The person’s unkind thoughts are assaulting you.

Now to the second form of psychic attack that might bombard you. Do you work in some area of metaphysics? Are you a healer, a therapist, a medium, or are you delving into esoteric studies? Then you are opening up to levels other than the earthly plane and you may be vulnerable to an onslaught from forces that are less than positive. Similarly, if your work gives help to others, e.g. offering shelter to battered women or counseling teenage runaways, you may also be at risk. In terms of spirituality you are working for the Light and, just as a lit candle contrasts against darkness, you are opposing the malevolent shadows.

What are the indicators of this malicious harassment? You may experience a feeling of literally being pinned down, where you are sitting or lying, by something extremely heavy and unyielding. In addition, there could be a sense of heat or cold surrounding you. An unpleasant odor might fill your nostrils. You may hear weird noises or a babble of voices that seem to drain all resistance from you. If you have caught the attention of lesser adversaries, such as negative elementals, they will, like the proverbial moths to a flame, hover around you and create difficulties. The following are a few examples of what you might experience: Important items, including clothing, go missing from your home or workplace; other objects will be moved to a place where you would never put them; overhead lights and lamps are switched on and off by themselves.

If you can accept that a psychic attack is possible, how do you combat it? The most successful method to use is creating a shield around your auric space. If you do this, you are prepared to repel whatever negative energy is now, or in the future, directed at you. In everyday life your aura encases your body within roughly the space of 3 ft. This includes in front and behind you, as well as above your head and below your feet. Under certain circumstances your aura can expand or contract at will. When you give healing, meditate, or channel, it expands. If you are under attack or feel threatened in any way, it contracts. Auric space consists of the seven subtle levels, or bodies, but for this article I am only pinpointing the first three. These are the Etheric, which is like a second skin to the physical body, then the Emotional and followed by the Lower Mental. Sometimes these three levels are referred to as the Astral Plane.

Try to envisage your aura. Get a sense of it surrounding you. Use your imagination if your inner vision or perception is not strong. Think of it as the shape of a bubble or an egg that is all around you. Once you have grasped this concept and with the power of your mind, place a thickness at the circumference of your auric space. It is like an eggshell that covers and protects. At the beginning of each day and just before going to sleep, reaffirm that this barrier is in place and standing guard over you. It is protecting your seven subtle levels and in particular the inner three through which psychic attacks can reach you. They aim for the Lower Mental and Emotional levels and, once there, they cascade down to the physical body via the Etheric, but cannot do this if your aura’s barricade is in place. Some people, who use this form of protection, create mirrored barriers so that whatever untoward energy is sent to them is reflected back to the sender. However, a caution is necessary here. Mirroring back negative energy to a person adds double the strength to it, making your action become a karmic issue for you.

Your aura and its barrier can be given added protection in various ways. A few drops of Rosemary or Lavender Essential Oil that are mixed in a base of Sweet Almond Oil become a protective fluid. Place a small quantity in the palms of the hands daily and spread throughout your auric space. Chicory, Lavender, Mallow, Mugwort, Rosemary and Sage are highly protective herbs. After drying cuttings of them, gather together and set alight for a moment. Once the flame is extinguished, you can smudge your aura and surroundings with the smoking bundle. If you are familiar with the Bach Flower Remedies, then utilize the amazing properties of these flower essences. Take Walnut to protect you at all times and Crab Apple will help remove any negative elementals that may be attempting to attach themselves to one of your three inner subtle levels. Also, Rescue Remedy will help alleviate the trauma of a sudden psychic attack that has managed to reach you.

If you carry or keep in close proximity to you a talisman or religious object, your aura is strengthened and protected. Such items as a Goddess symbol, an ankh, a cross, or a Star-of-David will serve you well. Wearing a Clear Quartz or Obsidian pendant both day and night is another option. Or carry a tumblestone in the pocket during the day and place it under your pillow at night. One of the following would also be a suitable choice because they are considered to be very protective against the negative forces: Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Gold, Silver, Jade, Malachite, Marble, Peridot, Salt, Tigereye, and Turquoise. Minerals/crystals need to be cleansed and dedicated before being asked to shield you and your aura so be sure to learn about these processes before the pendant is worn or the tumblestone is carried.

I do hope my suggestions for combating psychic attacks prove helpful to you, even though they are by no means exhaustive. Stay positive and vigilant, and remain safe.

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