Monday, April 11, 2011

Kitty DuCane, Santana's Heat

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Title: Santana's Heat

Author: Kitty DuCane

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: BDSM

Sub-Genre: Paranormal Romance

Keywords: Shape-Shifter, Suspense, Werewolves, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, M/M,

Length: Novel Plus

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-60737-974-4

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Loose Id


Reviewer: Cia


Santana Jones barely escaped from the man-turned-wolf that attacked her during a camping trip that she’d won from a local radio station. But it turns out the radio station didn’t have a contest and she didn’t win. Then she meets the Luc who thinks he can detain her while he figures out this so-called mystery. Because of her past, allowing Luc to control her is out of the question even if he is the sexiest thing she’s ever seen and she can barely keep her hands off him.

Luc Delemere, the powerful leader of the North American werewolves, didn’t want a mate because her life would constantly be in danger. But when a bedraggled human crawls out of the icy river and stumbles into his barn, Luc finds it impossible to resist his sensual, but stubborn mate. The claw marks on her body confirm that she was attacked by a werewolf, but Luc wants to know who lured her to his land and why.

When Santana receives a note that says “Leave or Luc Dies,” she betrays Luc to save his life.

Can Luc untangle a web of lies and betrayal to find his mate before the assassin does?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and elements, exhibitionism, male/male sexual practices, sex in shifted form, voyeurism.


Santana’s Heat was one steamy roller coaster of story. Luc is clearly smitten with the human who ends up on his property, and while he’s in the middle of taking care of pack business, he’s not blind enough to let her beauty and passionate nature go on the way side. He realizes some danger is lurking for her and can’t just allow her to leave, though she tempts the beast out of him.

Santana is a smart and strong woman who isn’t going to let one attack rule her life, if only she could figure out why someone wants her dead.

She fights off multiple attacks on her life that tie into the sexy man who’s playing host for her.

When she meets a young boy she’s taken back to the past, to a young life she’s not able to save, and will do whatever it takes to make sure this one is okay, even if it means her plans for escape are foiled.

High packed action and white hot passion fill the pages of this story. Things are clearly not what they seam and the answer lay somewhere in the unsaid, in a past repressed and not forgotten for one. Tempers will rise, fighting will ensue. In one instant of clarity it’ll all come together to show the future of the pack and an unconditional love unencumbered by an assassin.

This is one read I’ll dive into again.

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