Sunday, April 3, 2011

Regina Carlysle, Panther Moon

Title: Panther Moon

Author: Regina Carlysle

Rating: Siren's Best Book Stone

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Keywords: Shape-Shifter, Panther

Length: Short Novel

ISBN E-Book: 978-1419933370

Price: $5.20

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave


Reviewer: Cia


Savage Sanctuary, Book Two

Running for her life, Chantrea Morgan, unmated and approaching her time of change, stumbles through the night only to be rescued by a gorgeous yet dangerous male. Blinded by instant recognition of her mate, she clings to him, her only means of salvation. Her body burns for him. Her heart aches with the need to be claimed by this wild Texas panther.

Hudson Cates, warrior of the Turquoise Moon tribe of shifters, saves his grieving mate and brings her home to claim her in the only way he can…with orgasmic pleasure, savage possession and a raw sensuality that is bred into their species. In a ritual as old as time, only he, aided by another male from their tribe, can help Trea embrace her panther beast.


Panther Moon by Regina Carlysle kept me riveted. This emotional story melted my heart. My soul cried for Chantrea and the traumatic loss she was forced to endure. Her feisty nature and great strength made for a fantastic heroine. I’d hoped she’d find a safe haven and her kind for protection.

Hudson whew, talk about a man at the right place at the right time! I felt my heart sigh when he appeared and took the reins. The passion he felt and the guilt that washed over him for feeling it was endearing. I loved how they meshed together and how he put her before all else.

The secondary characters took notice too. Rio, oh, he is the best example of a best-friend a man or gal can have, suave, yet respectful and equally as protective. I loved King Titus and his wife and how they took in a scared young woman. Chan’s brother Max made my heart stutter with his entrance and his animalistic personality.

I loved the beautiful setting of the story, vivid in every imaginable way possible. When the crazy who hunted Chan showed back up, I worried blood would be shed and one of the magnificent panthers would be injured. I held my breath waiting for the outcome.

This story is definitely one I’ll be reading again. I’m glad I read it and it stood alone great, I’ll be going back to find the first one now!


Regina Carlysle said...

Cia, Thanks soooo very much for the wonderful review and I'm happy you liked the story. Currently working on Santana's Touch (Rio's story) which will also include quite a bit more about Max, Chantrea's brother. Hope you'll like this one just as much!

Again...thank you.

Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

Terrific review! Big congrats, Regina! Panther Moon sounds like a must read!