Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meghan Matthews, Looking for a Hero

Title: Looking for a Hero

Author: Meghan Matthews

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Keywords: Crimson Rose, Spicy

Page Count: 248

ISBN E-Book: 1-60154-828-1

Price: $6.00

ISBN for Print: 978-1601548283

Price: $11.99

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Reviewer: Nikki


Assistant District Attorney Meg McCormick is running for her life…

Three years ago, Meg landed the case that promised to make her career, prosecuting and convicting the notorious Chicago drug lord, Simonson. But now he's out on parole, thirsty for revenge and commands connections which span deep within the Chicago PD. The case that should have sealed her career now promised to end her life.

Meg flees Chicago, but instead of finding sanctuary, a head on collision puts her in the hospital, frightened and alone with no one to turn to.

Then walks in tall, dark and sexy Police Detective Nate Reed, who risked his life to save Meg from the burning wreckage. Or so everyone claims. But is Nate a hero, or just another corrupt cop working for Simonson?

Dare she trust him?

And if she does, could she be risking his life, as well?


When the people you once thought were trustworthy turn out to be the bad guys, it's not easy to put your trust in anyone. Even a sexy cop who risked his life to save you. Meg is on the run, scared, and alone. But now Nate won't let her go without answers. Is he trustworthy?

Meghan Matthews weaves a world of suspense in Looking for a Hero. The action is non-stop intensity. When you're near to catching a breath, the intrigue jumps back up again. One of the best suspense books I've read this year so far, Ms. Matthews is going on my auto-buy list!

If you enjoy heart-pounding romantic suspense, don't miss Looking for a Hero. I recommend this highly!

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