Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tina Donahue, Take Me Away

Title: Take Me Away

Author: Tina Donahue

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Keywords: Football Player, Actress

Length: Novel

ISBN E-Book: 978-1419934407

Price: $5.95

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave


Reviewer: Cia


She’s everything he escaped, and all that he desires.

Three years ago, Kyle turned his back on a pro-football career and being the target of tabloids or gold-digging groupies. Craving privacy, he gets it at his roadhouse in Northern California—until Lexi invades his life. Indulged and surely phony, she’s exactly what Kyle fled.

An actress since childhood, Lexi’s fresh out of an anger-management program. Weary of the press’s harsh scrutiny, she sees Kyle’s secluded cabin as the ideal place to hide out, and him as a damn-near perfect alpha male. Deliciously virile. Protective. Principled. She offers him serious cash to let her stay for two weeks, assuring there will be no complications or touching.

Yeah, right! Passion flares and lust explodes, along with tenderness. Kyle recognizes how lonely Lexi really is, while she’s falling hard. Through intimate days and impassioned nights, they explore their most shameless needs, until a cruel betrayal exposes their growing love, forcing a choice neither anticipated.


Take Me Away by Tina Donahue led me into the downside and the emotional and physical toll being in the limelight weighed on a person. The riveting story was portrayed in such a way I felt each emotion on the very real tear jerking ride. I loved Lexi and her strength and at the same time wished she would’ve just said no. From her perspective I was able to understand the greed that came before her wellbeing. The two most important influences of her life let her down. Those who were supposed to keep her safe and make her feel loved…regardless.

In Kyle a gentle strong hero who left the life that was destroying him behind. In both polar opposite jobs, they shared equally how damaging intrusion was. I loved the way they came together in passion and how he coaxed out the woman in her, the one afraid of letting go, and how she knocked him off of his axis. Between the rigid restraints of his job and a lurker trying to destroy the memorable moments they shared, I hoped each would find a way to build a future together and bridge the lifestyle gap. This is one read I’ll keep on hand to dive into again.

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Thanks so much for a great review, Cia!