Monday, March 25, 2013

Lisa Hannah Wells, Be Still My Lover's Heart

Title:  Be Still My Lover's Heart
Author:  Lisa Hannah Wells
Rating:  Five Siren Stones

Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Sub-Genre:  Science Fiction
Keywords:  Black Rose, Aliens, Vampires, Spicy, Memory Makers Series    
Page Count:  354         
ISBN E-Book:  978-1-61217-338-2
Price:  $5.99
ISBN For Print:  978-1-61217-337-5
Price:  $14.99 
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
Reviewer:  Rhonda J Callum-King


[Memory Makers - Be Still My Lover's Heart Book One]

Ethereal beauty Shea, a Lieutenant in a Universal military, has spent the last four years protecting Colony supply freighters on a small space station. If not for her partner and the hopes of a better assignment, the loss of her husband and a devastating illness would leave her little desire to live. 

That is until she meets Tempest, an alien whose species is rumored to be the origin of the vampires.  A man who makes her feel alive in ways she's never felt before.

Tempest has prayed to the Divine One for countless years for his bondmate.  Shea is his long-awaited answer and so much more.  One night will not be enough for a man who has waited a lifetime, but he is determined to make Shea his forever.

With a madman out to destroy them and certain death nipping at their heels, will Tempest and Shea outwit Remi and survive to share a future together, or die protecting all they hold dear?


Be Still My Lover's Heart is an action romance.  The story is future and space faring based and qualifies as sci-fi/fantasy romance.  It begins, right out of the gate, with a spaceship fire fight against pirates.  The action continues throughout this book at a good clip.  Fire fights, bar fights, illegal medical testing and spaceship fights dot the canvas of this story liberally.

Our heroes are Shea, a human lieutenant for the Earth government in the fight against piracy and Tempest, an 800-plus year old alien of vampiric nature.  Tempest has been waiting an eternity in loneliness to find his mate.  He finds Shea in the center of a bar fight in his establishment and knows that she is the one he has waited for.  Shea is still heart-broken from the loss of her husband a few years back and to sooth the pain, enlisted.  Together they go through the pain of bonding as true mates.

I found this book to be engaging right from the start.  It moves along at a fast pace and draws the reader in.  The characters are fully developed and the future believable.  It was a fun ride and I sailed right through it in no time.  Ms. Wells' book is a great read for both vampire fans and fans of science fiction romance.  The only criticism I might make is that after travelling with them on their journey of discovery through so many adventures, it seemed to end a bit abruptly.  I would have liked to see another chapter of closure.  All in all, a great read.

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