Thursday, January 6, 2011

D.M. Slate, Day 94

Title: Day 94

Author: D.M. Slate

Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Horror

Keywords: Disease, Epidemic, Starvation

Word Count: 23,000

ISBN E-Book: 975-1-77065-004-6

Price: $4.50

ISBN For Print: 975-1-77065-012-1

Price: $4.95

Publisher: Eternal Press


Reviewer: Trinity


In the wake of a large meteor collision, a fast-spreading disease epidemic is unleashed upon rural Colorado. Joslin, Grant and their two young children find themselves barricaded within their home as the city is quarantined and the fight for survival begins; battling an airborne disease, lack of electricity and running water, starvation, frigid Colorado winter temperatures and worst of all morphs. The family embarks on a journey that tests their strength, sanity and conviction to live. As the morphs, carriers of the disease, become more numerous and aggressive, Joslin and Grant realize they’ll have to defend their home to protect their children. As each strand of hope frays away, the risks they must take in order to survive grow larger - until at last, Grant is attacked by a morph. Knowing he’s been infected, Grant leaves his family to fend for themselves. Just when Joslin thinks things can’t get worse, her morphed husband returns to their home on day 94. Crazed and delusional, Grant is determined to get into the house. Joslin’s unwavering desire to save her children drives the assault, knowing it may cost her life in order to stop her husband, Grant.


D.M. Slate writes a masterful tale of horror as she describes how one woman struggles to survive a meteor strike near her home. Trapped inside with no food or water other than what she had when the incident occurs, Slate’s character strives to protect her family as the meteor’s impact is just the beginning.

This book had me moving from one page to the next, waiting in anticipation to see what happens next! I couldn’t put it down as I was pulled into her world and living through the eyes of the mother. My heart raced and ached throughout the entire story.

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