Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marisa Chenery, Longed-For Hunger

Title: Longed-For Hunger

Author: Marisa Chenery

Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Keywords: Vampires, Demons, Ra’s Chosen Series

Length: Short Novel

ISBN E-Book: 978-1419930072

Price: $5.20

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave


Reviewer: Stacey Krug


Book three in the Ra’s Chosen series.

Denger is a hunter, spending his nights on the streets of Phoenix fighting the undead who threaten unknowing humans. It’s in his blood. It’s what he knows. But a new knowledge has taken hold. Like other warriors before him, he must hunt for a different kind of prey altogether. His mate. Once he finds her, nothing will keep him from claiming what is his. Nothing but her, that is.

After the death of her husband three years ago, Nyx is content to spend her evenings at home, wrapped up in the vampire romance novels she loves. But when she collides, literally, with a man who could have stepped out of the pages of one of her books, she begins to think living her love life through romantic tales may not be the way to go. But as with any good story, there’s a plot twist. Once she discovers Denger’s true nature, she must decide if she can risk her heart and live a life where truth is stranger than fiction.


I found it very funny that Denger sought out his mate when so many other stories are about trying to avoid just that; it was unique. Longed-for Hunger is creative and will leave you wanting more.

Denger and Nyx share a burning desire for one another that scorches the pages with their wonderfully erotic love scenes. Nyx was quite cute with her clumsiness around Denger. I think it helped bring about the protectiveness in him. Their relationship progression was a little different because of Nyx’s background, but Denger’s patience paid off in the end.

All the talk about the other mates and how they met just had me longing to read their stories too. Most of the secondary characters have had their own stories, but are a hoot and really add to Long-for Hunger. This story can stand alone, but I look forward to reading the previous tales as well.

Marisa Chenery did a great job of wrapping up this story and setting the tone for the next storyline. I would recommend this to all paranormal romance fans.

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