Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alyssa Brooks and Larissa Lyons, Rein Me In

Title: Rein Me In

Author: Alyssa Brooks and Larissa Lyons

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: Western

Keywords: BDSM, Lawless

Page Count: 299

ISBN E-Book: 978-1419928802

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave


Reviewer: Cia


Bottoms Up, Book Two

Suzy likes her men tough and her sex rough—and for two weeks a year, she indulges in both. On the agenda this vacation? Untamed cowboy, straight from the source—a hoppin’ bar in rural West Texas named Bottoms Up. But tough turns to trouble when she picks the wrong cowboy—an ex-con fresh from the slammer who won’t take no for an answer…

Jonah McKenzie rides to the rescue, clueless the fiery redhead who tempts him into the wildest night of his life is actually a blast from his past. It’ll take a firm hand indeed once he discovers the tattooed firecracker in his bed is none other than the soft-spoken sweetheart he once finagled a date with—only to stand her up when unexpected tragedy struck.

At six-foot-four Jonah’s one long, tall Texan, and he’s hell-bent on reining in the “lady” claiming he’s too tame to satisfy her naughty side. He’ll be happy to prove she’s wrong—with that western belt of his that she so admires.


I fell in love with this story almost immediately from the insanity of the heroine, to the hero who was misunderstood and invisible to his family.

There were so many dynamics to Jonah and Suzy that it would take paragraphs for me to expound on. Miscommunication is often the death of many a relationship. I spewed coffee and died laughing about the oral classes Suzy took in Florida. I wanted to kill Jonah’s siblings and throttle his Nana.

I love a strong Hero who can overcome any obstacle and a stubborn heroine that is determined even if it’s misplaced. I strongly suggest this read; it’ll keep you entertained, blushing, and hot.

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