Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cherry Lee, Candy's Daddy

Title: Candy’s Daddy

Author: Cherry Lee

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sub-Genre: BDSM

Keywords: Spanking, Gang Banging, Daddy/daughter, D/s

Word Count: 20,900

ISBN E-Book: 978-1609823320

Price: $3.99

Publisher: Excessica


Reviewer: Sally Sapphire


Candy meets a man named Bob while working as a waitress at a bar. A one night hook up quickly turns into an intense relationship when they both admit to their inclination toward Daddy/daughter play. They play out many scenes that thrill them both. But after Candy moves in with Bob and gives up her autonomy to her new Daddy, she must decide how deep she is willing to go into her new persona.

Is she a woman playing a little girl or has she become a hybrid of both woman and girl? Can she surrender completely to Bob and be the little girl he’s always dreamed of caring for? Sometimes a woman has to leave the one she loves in order to come back to him completely.

Warnings: This title contains age play (Daddy/daughter), anal, oral and vaginal sex, spanking, discipline, gang banging and sex in multiple combinations.


Let me start off by saying this book is probably not for everyone. It concerns a very specific kink that, in the wrong hands or to the wrong eyes, could be deeply disturbing. This is serious, in-depth role playing that definitely crosses moral boundaries for some readers. It’s also a story that knows it’s dark, edgy, and uncomfortable to some, and which honestly explores that discomfort.

At its heart, Candy’s Daddy is a passionate and erotic tale of dominance and submission. We’re not talking whips, chains, and bondage here, this is complete and utter physical, emotional, and psychological submission. Candy doesn’t just give her Daddy Bob control of her life, she also gives him control of her very self.

Daddy Bob does all the things a good parent should. He sets rules and boundaries for her, chastises her, and punishes her. He also encourages, compliments, and rewards her. Candy, of course, does all the things a good and bad daughter should. She is superb at acting sweet and innocent, but also knows how and when to rebel against his authority.

At times, you can almost forget the reality of the situation. The reader gets so sucked into their fantasy, especially with Candy’s behaviour and dialogue being so genuinely cute and so deliciously naïve, that it’s a shock to the senses every time things turn to sex.

That shock, that playing with expectations, is what makes the story work so well. The scene where the other ‘daddies’ bring their ‘kids’ for Candy to play is one of my favourite scenes of the book. The three ‘children’ do a wonderful job of exhibiting the joys of youthful innocence, even as their playtime delves deeper into scenes of sexual exploration than real children would not be physically or emotionally capable of.

This scene is beautifully contrasted later in the story when Daddy Bob brings over some of his adult friends to play with Candy. As the focus for their gang bang, she is more adult slut than child, taking such obvious pleasure in the experience that it’s easy to forget her role in the relationship. Here, it’s Bob who reminds everybody of that role, playing the protective but proud ‘father’ figure.

Ultimately, what makes this lifestyle work for Candy and Bob, and what grounds the story for the reader, is the love they share for one another. When they’re not being sexual, there is a wonderful exhibition of tenderness and caring between them. When you see how he takes care of her, pampers her, and treasures her, you begin to fully understand the appeal of being treated like a child.

If you can indulge the fantasy, and accept that these are consenting adults playing a very adult game, then this is a wonderfully exciting and erotic story that you cannot help but enjoy.

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