Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jessica Lee, All She Wants 4 Christmas

Title: All She Wants 4 Christmas

Author: Jessica Lee

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Keywords: Ménage, Multiple Partners, BDSM, M/M, Christmas, D/s, Spanking, F/M/M/M

Word Count: 6345

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-926930-15-2

Price: $1.99

Publisher: Breathless Press

Buy-Link: http://www.breathlesspress.com/erotic/all-she-wants-4-christmas.html

Reviewer: Cia


It's Christmas Eve, and all Monica Sims wants is for her fiancé, just once, to step outside his comfort zone. She loves him, and life is fine in their perfectly planned world. But Monica is ready for more. She takes a risk and shares with him her darkest fantasies: Domination. Submission. Surrendering to the will of more than one man. But her confession is more than her straitlaced boyfriend can handle—or so she thought. Dane knows exactly what he wants in bed: just him and Monica, his fiancée—alone. Simple, easy, vanilla sex was all he ever needed. That was until the night he found his fiancée in her office, watching—enjoying—a very naughty movie on her laptop. Determined to be the one to unleash her control, Dane decides to surprise her on Christmas Eve with a trip to a private fetish club. But they won't be alone.

Contains: BDSM elements, including bondage, spanking, D/s. Multiple sexual partnering between f/m/m/m, M/M sexual interaction and strong language, anal intercourse


All She Wants 4 Christmas was one fast paced erotic short story that centers on Monica and her fiancé Dane. One night she indulges in telling her most secret desire. I loved how Dane set up a playtime for her and was willing to explore sensual options. Monica may have been curious about trying things out but she didn’t back down later on in the story. Their encounter really made me melt.

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