Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Debra Glass, Twice the Novice

Title: Twice the Novice

Author: Debra Glass

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: BDSM

Page Count: 99 pages

ISBN E-Book: 978-1419931390

Price: $4.45

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave


Reviewer: Cia


Shamed by secrets, Anne Meredith will do anything to fulfill her marriage contract to a mysterious Bavarian count. Even if it means submitting to Axel von Sommerhalder, the handsome stranger the count has enlisted to train her. She thinks the intimate punishments her trainer metes out will be a humiliating ordeal. Instead, as she finds herself surrendering to the dominant desires of a man forbidden to claim her, she discovers even more about herself than she ever dreamed possible.

Axel demands that his novice abandon every inhibition. But in doing so, they both embark on a dangerous journey, tempting each other’s flesh, relishing every forbidden touch—and breaking every rule.


Debra Glass created a story so riveting; I was unable to put it down.

The attraction between Axel and Anne was so strong that I could feel the sizzling zaps myself. Yet, Anne was strong enough to try a lifestyle new to her. I loved her strength as a woman and her grit, to protect her future. I felt for Axel and his struggle between family loyalty and personal needs.

As the story progressed my heart went out to them. Still I kept reading on holding my breath at what would happen. The fantastic ending was perfect.

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Debra Glass said...

Cia, Thank you so much for the wonderful review of Novice. I knew basing the hero on the sexy Ian von Sommerhalder was going to pay off! :-)

Thanks again! I'm glad you enjoyed my little fairy tale.