Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chastity Bush, The Guarding Of Eden

Title: The Guarding of Eden

Author: Chastity Bush

Rating: Three And a Half Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary romance

Sub-Genre: Mystery

Word Count: 36,986

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Buy-Link: http://solsticepublishing.com/the-guarding-of-eden-p-12.html

Reviewer: Brigit Aine


She is his to protect until the danger to her wanes but every look sent his way has him wondering, who will protect her from him?


Eden Campbell is a woman who has it all. A good job, handsome fiancé, even the same cat she had as a teenager. But when her world is turned upside down by the sight of her fiancé in her favorite high heels and lingerie, Eden finds herself single again for the first time in years.

Only days after Eden discovers her fiancés hidden little secret, she finds herself without a job and accused of her boss’s estranged wife’s murder.

The only up side to her situation is the sexy man her best friends and lawyers, Tilley and Joe Madison, entrusted her life to.

Not only is Jasper Carrington doing his best to hide Eden from the life sentence hanging over her head, she is stirring his desires like no woman ever has.

From her black as night hair to her deep blue eyes Eden Campbell sets Jaspers blood on fire.


A wonderful romance with the thrill of a mystery tossed in. The Guarding of Eden has an interesting twist tossed in with some wonderful characters that will make you laugh and cry with them. Some major editing errors detract from the story but seeing beyond them there are great characters and a wonderful plot. Eden and Jasper are true soul mates who find that perseverance and solving a mystery help a relationship go a long way. This is a book to be recommended to mystery and romance lovers alike.

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