Sunday, April 18, 2010

Julie A D'Arcy, Darkness I Weep

Title: In Darkness I weep

Author: Julie D'Arcy

Rating: Three And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Sub-Genre: Mystery, Time-Travel

Publisher: Moongypsy Press


Reviewer: Kristin Manter


Vincent D'Armano, cursed by a Cheyenne Shaman with the ability to feel emotion, finds himself drawn to the very woman who could destroy him--in more ways than one.

Detective Alara Gale hates vampires. After witnessing the death of her childhood boyfriend at the hands of a vampire, Alara is determined to destroy the vampire she saw fleeing the scene that night. When she discovers that the dark stranger she's falling in love with is none other than the vampire she's hunting, her loyalties are torn between her desire for Vincent's touch and her duty to the law.

Vincent and Alara's only hope is to prevent Vincent's turning, but to do this, they must travel back in time and face Vincent's powerful Sire, Epatha, who even now threatens Vincent's every move.

Can Vincent and Alara prevent Epatha from making Vincent a vampire?


In Darkness I weep is a classic vampire tale that will confirm everything ever suspected about Vampires. Eloquently written; Vincent is sensual, mysterious, strong, and multidimensional.

Julie D'Arcy channels classic vampire characteristics into his disposition, yet creates an individual who is distinctly unique and memorable. His past is revealed, and the relationship with Alana develops, while the conflict with Epatha intensifies.

Alana is intelligent and independent. She will captivate the reader with her strong will and determination for justice in the losses she’s suffered. The attraction between Vincent and Alana, the continual revelation of Vincent and Epatha's true identities to Alana, along with the mental chess-match that Epatha continually plays throughout the story create for a suspenseful and enjoyable read. This is a story full of emotion, and passion that unfolds into a fulfilling climax and satisfying conclusion.

Clean editing and layout enable the reader to fully enjoy the work of Ms. D'Arcy. In Darkness I weep by Julie D'Arcy is an overall good book that I have enjoyed and would likey recommend to others.

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