Friday, April 23, 2010

Kayleigh Jamison, Reckless Liaisons

Title: Reckless Liaisons

Author: Kayleigh Jamison

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: Historical Romance

Sub-Genre: Regency

Page Count: 204 pages (trade paperback)

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-934912-13-3

ISBN For Print (If available): 978-1-934912-13-3

Publisher: Black Lyon



Print (all major retailers):

Reviewer: Rhonda J Callum-King


Was she a second chance at love—or his golden opportunity for revenge?


Sebastian Cade, reclusive Duke of Rutland, has gone to great lengths to withdraw from the London society he’s come to despise. Still reeling from betrayal and tragedy, he finds himself powerfully attracted to his
lovely new raven-haired ward—so much so that he begins to question the last five years of his life.

When Julia Deveraux awakens in the Duke’s rose garden, the memories flood back. A betrothal she detests. The great black horse stolen from her father. Her near escape … Now under Sebastian’s care, she sees the rumors of his disfigurement are far from true. But will her secret connection to his sworn enemy tear them apart before love brings them together?


Reckless Liaisons by Kayleigh Jamison was a truly entertaining experience. It holds you to its pages from the very start with an action packed opening scene. The reader journeys from there with the characters, through happiness, laughter and tears.

The characters were likable and the story paced along in a satisfying manner. I could find no faults with the editing, and I especially liked the cover art. As the model’s face is obscured, one could fantasize that she was anyone that they wished her to be. This is a novel touch that I personally appreciated.

The story is billed as romance, and fulfills all of the requirements of the genre admirably. It was both heart wrenching and laugh-aloud humorous. The character of Julia evoked sadness and exasperation while Sebastian managed to be a white knight and rather block-headed at the same time. Even many of the supporting characters; siblings, maids and aunts, all attained multi-faceted personalities through Kayleigh Jamison’s writing.

I was delighted by Reckless Liaisons and look forward to re-reading the story of Sebastian and Julia. Wonderfully done Ms. Jamison.

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