Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kayleigh Jamison, Caging Kat

Title: Caging Kat

Author: Kayleigh Jamison

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Erotic Romance

Sub-Genre: Paranormal

Key-Words: Greek Gods, Contemporary; Heat Level: Erotic (frequent explicit sex)

Page Count: 6,200 words

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-934678-83-1

ISBN For Print: 978-1607670216

Publisher: Tease Publishing

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Reviewer: Kristin Manter


An infamous art thief, Kaitlin lives a life most can only dream of. There's one problem, though - she's bored. When a mysterious invitation to a masquerade ball appears in her mailbox, she decides to attend on a whim.

Ares, God of War, has had his eyes on the feisty Kat for some time. But can he win her over with only one night to tame her wild heart? Can he get what he's always wanted by fulfilling her deepest desires?


This book is a supernatural escape; a quick, steamy read that keeps the reader engaged and entertained. The heroine's sharp tongue is perfectly offset by the hero's arrogance. In just a few pages, Kayleigh develops Kat well enough for the reader to get a sense of her purpose and desires.

If a reader is unfamiliar with mythology, Ares is a hot introduction to the captivating world that has intrigued readers for centuries. The tension between Kat and Ares is like a strategically played chess match. The isolated island and masquerade ball is a subtle way to contemporize the ancient Greek Gods, and place them in the modern time.

An eye catching cover, clean editing, and favorable layout further contribute to the appeal of this book.

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