Saturday, April 10, 2010

Raine Delight, Devon Falls, Book Four; Haunting Magic

Title: Devon Falls, Book Four; Haunting Magic

Author: Raine Delight

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Erotic Paranormal

Sub-Genre: Romance

Keywords: Werewolves, Shifters

Page Count: 48

ISBN E-Book: 978-1-60168-250-5

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press


Reviewer: Kayden


A werewolf claims his mate in Devon Falls


Rodrick Dracon is the twin heir to the Dragon Inn. When he finds himself longing for a mate after being footloose and fancy free, he finds himself drawn to the most obnoxious, brassy woman he has ever met: Jaxon Sinclair. She is the one woman who doesn't melt when he goes by or hangs on his every word. She is just aggravating and down right sexy as sin! Soon the sparks fly, passion goes into boiling and Halloween approaches. Can a wolf shifter get this woman to heel before the full moon? Or can Jax turn the tables on this ladies man and tame the wolf?


The lead characters, Jaxon and Rod are a dynamic and complicated couple. Having had previous history some years before, Jax does not view Rod, nor his lifestyle well. Draped in women, she watches in disdain, border-lining bitterness, doing very little to hide her feelings on how he chooses to spend his evenings with flare. But little does she know; the man she thinks she sees, and the man he really is are not quite the same person.

Rodrick is a gorgeous, compelling werewolf who battles himself, and his inner animal. An entity who has needs and wants of its own. He is leery of what he has been fated with, and that is Jaxon. An unruly independent woman, and one who batters his defenses every chance she receives.

I haven’t read the first three Devon Falls series-books, however Haunting Magic made me want to. I enjoyed the storyline and character development as the two leads come together with hidden uncertainties and blatant sexual-tension. On the occasion, the editing was slightly distracting. As erotica, it had that desperate edge that had me turning the pages, just to see where the burning relentless lust the two share would take me next.

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